2017 Love-A-Thon Challenge: Book Spine Poetry

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The first challenge I’m participating in this year for Love-A-Thon is Book Spine Poetry. The goal is to create a poem using only the titles of books, and let me tell you – this is not easy. I’m not a great poet under the best of circumstances, let alone when limited to only a few specific phrases, but hopefully the end result isn’t too bad! My finished poem is shown below. You can also see my poems from last year’s challenge here.

The Hunt

Lady Midnight, hidden huntress, a great and terrible beauty.
Another day before I fall
And I darken;
A wicked thing, ruined.

Book Spine Poetry

6 thoughts on “2017 Love-A-Thon Challenge: Book Spine Poetry

    • Thank you so much, Jen! My husband actually made that table for me as an anniversary gift, so he’ll be thrilled to hear you like it. 😀

    • Thanks, Kristin! The poem took me forever, so I’m glad to hear you liked it. 🙂 Also, my husband’s super happy to hear you like his table!

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