Introducing Fairy Tale February

Fairy Tale FebruaryFebruary has always been my least favorite month of the year – I’m not fond of winter, and once the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve are past there’s nothing to distract me from the gray, dreary days and sub-freezing temperatures.

In order to give us all something pleasant to counteract frigid winds and commutes made nightmarish by snow, I thought I’d introduce a theme for the month: Fairy Tale February!

Fairy Tale February will feature an assortment of new fairy tales, retellings, mash-ups, and more. Some will be sweet, some will be dark, and some will be funny, but all will make February a heck of a lot more fun. As a bonus, I’ll also be posting an interview with Alethea Kontis, author of the Woodcutter Sisters series, on February 8.

Not all of this month’s posts will be fairy tale related, but rest assured that there will be enough princesses, dragons, curses, and magic to keep readers in even the coldest areas of the world warm and smiling.

Happy February!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Fairy Tale February

    • I’m glad you like the theme, Nancy! Fairy tales are my favorite genre, so I figured there was no better choice to counteract the February blues. 🙂

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