Chapter: 120

He was out of breath from running: "My lord! Something is wrong!"

Ying Wuji frowned: "Your son is asleep, tell me something!"

"Yes! Young Master Wuji!"

The man's face was a little ugly: "Lan Lingsheng was drinking in Yihong Pavilion just now, and when he was drunk, he said that he would write the third volume of "Shanhai Paradise" immediately. He will pay 30,000 taels, otherwise the authorization will not be granted."


Hua Chao's face suddenly changed.

Everyone is the core member of Shangmo Bookstore, so they naturally know how Shangmo Bookstore is successful.

Of course, Ying Wuji's unique printing skills should take the lead.

But if there is only printing technology, it will definitely not be able to achieve the current achievements. The hundred classics are good, but in terms of reading experience, they are far inferior to "Mountain and Sea Tales".

You must know that many of the people who bought "Shan Hai Yu Tan" were not from hundreds of families, but had some spare money at home, and then they saw that the book was cheap, so they bought it directly.

If there is no "Mountain and Sea Paradise", Shangmo Bookstore will never be sold out in a few days.

but now.

Thirty thousand taels, to buy the right to publish "Shanhai Paradox", based on a profit of 200 yuan per volume, it would take 150,000 copies to sell back.

It is even more impossible for other bookstores. If they also buy 300 Wen a volume, there is a high probability that they will lose money. Buy a loss right for 30,000 taels?

What about trouble?

Now, even a fool can guess what this means.

Hua Chao was so angry that his voice trembled a little: "It's too much! How could it be like this?"

She has lived in Jiangcheng for so long, and she has heard a lot of all kinds of fancy tricks.

The 30,000 taels is obviously just a pretext to kick Shangmo Bookstore out of the market, and the popularity that Shangmo Bookstore has helped promote "Shanhai Paradox" among the people has all become other people's wedding dresses in the end.

She doesn't have to earn the money for the third volume of "Shanhai Tales".

The terrible thing is that at the end of the month, students from all over the world came. It was the time when Shangmo Bookstore was negotiating formal orders, but at this time, other data businesses were in full swing. Who would come to Shangmo Bookstore?

It is true that Shangmo Bookstore prints with high quality and low cost.

But printing is really not an incomprehensible secret, and she saw the mystery inside on the third day of the bookstore's large-scale printing.

By the end of the month, other bookstores will definitely publish on a large scale. Even if the cost cannot be suppressed, with their background, they can still print at a loss to seize orders, and then slowly improve the process in the future.


Hua Chao looked at Ying Wuji, bit her lips until she became pale: "I, I've dragged you down..."

Ying Wuji's face was also a little ugly, he didn't expect Luo Yan, an old man, to be so ignorant of martial arts, that he had a lot of business, and let his own people end.

But to be honest, the pressure is really not that great.

After all, in his eyes, "Mountain and Sea Paradise" is just so-so. It is nothing more than collecting some alley talks, and then copying some "Shan Hai Jing". The novelty is there, and the story is really fragmented.

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