Chapter: 711

Wearing a half-height silk top hat, without any thugs, he is leading a seven or eight-year-old child out of the steam train station, across the square, and towards the carriage parked on the side of the road. The child is wearing a caramel-colored brass button Inside is a black and white checkered shirt and linen jacket, black lace-up shoes and white linen socks on the feet, and a dark red hard schoolbag that looks a bit heavy behind it.

He has yellow hair and brown eyes, a solid body, obvious baby fat on his face, and a simple and honest temperament.

"The child of Baron Brinel, who usually lives in other provinces, went to Trier to play during the summer vacation. No wonder he doesn't feel too close."

Lumian murmured a few words, looked away, and continued his stroll.

No. 11, Spring Street, in the off-white three-story villa belonging to Gardner Martin, arrived in the exclusive carriage of the Breeze Ballroom.

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