Chapter: 160

I have no comparison with my second brother Zhu Gaoxu in "fighting" at all. If I fail in the only and most important advantage of "governing the country", how can I compete for reserves?

But Zhu Gaochi had no reason to back down.

Because he was originally the son of King Yan, and now he should be established as the prince according to the rules!

If he is cowardly and evasive now, it will be even more difficult for him to fight after Zhu Gaoxu understands politics and management under Jiang Xinghuo's teaching.

Zhu Gaochi took a deep breath and said, "Father, my son is willing to do his best for this, and he will never slack off."

Zhu Di nodded, and looked at the third child again.

"You two need to work together."

"Father, don't worry, my son will fulfill his mission." Zhu Gaosui hurriedly stood up and cupped his hands.

"Very good." Zhu Di said comfortingly, "Among the three of you, the eldest is the one with a stable personality. You have gotten along with each other since you were young, and you were also dependent on each other when Jianwen demolished the feudal clan and fled Nanjing. Whenever you encounter any difficult things, just talk to your elder brother. .”

Zhu Di said to Zhu Gaosui: "In addition, in the missions sent to Japan starting today, you also send some of your people to watch over the people in Jinyiwei."

"Father." Zhu Gaosui cupped his hands slightly, "If manpower is dispatched to secretly investigate the stalls and slaves, and then to dispatch Japanese missions, then there will be insufficient manpower to monitor the vassal kings and nobles."

Zhu Di thought for a while and ordered: "The vassal kings and princes in Beijing who have always been docile and obedient can remove some of the supervisors."

Zhu Gaosui didn't dare to argue, so he nodded.

"In addition, Xia Yuanji, Minister of the Ministry of Family Affairs, has an audience."

"Father wants it?" Zhu Gaochi was slightly taken aback.

"Mr. Jiang is going to talk about 'Silver Banknotes' today." Zhu Di said naturally, "Of course I asked Xia Shangshu, a professional, to accompany me to the class."

"But Mr. Jiang..."

"It's okay. The fact that I and you go to the prison frequently cannot be hidden in the eyes of those who are interested. If he is really released from prison in the future, Jiang Xinghuo will be of great use sooner or later. Xia Shangshu is loyal to Bingguo, listen to it What's the matter?"

Soon, the two sons left separately, and Zhu Gaochi was busy preparing to deal with all kinds of tricky questions that the civil servants might raise about "spending labor into the mother"; arrangements, and the members of the Latent Day Mission.

Zhu Di and Empress Xu sat opposite each other under the osmanthus tree.

After taking a sip of tea, Zhu Di put down his cup and finally stood up.

Zhu Di's majestic body reveals a calm and mountain-like momentum.


"When I was in trouble, what did these people say about me?"

"If you are obsessed with obsession, give up the honor of a thousand times, donate the wealth of a country, rely on small victories, forget the righteousness, and fight against the crowd with the few, it is a paradox that cannot be achieved by luck... Hehe, in my life, I don't believe in anything 'The Impossible'!"

"I won the world, not relying on the heart of a gentleman."

Empress Xu got up and bowed gracefully, and said.

"Mr. Jiang's policy of spreading labor into his mu will surely win the hearts of all people in the world."

"Your Majesty wins Mr. Jiang, and the country will last forever!"

"The queen knows me!" Zhu Di's eyes were deep, "If Mr. Jiang can help you, what will the national teacher regret?"


In prison, the old man crooked his neck under the tree.

Li Jinglong handed a Basiba silver coin to Jiang Xinghuo, and asked with eyes full of awe.

"Jiang Lang, is all this in your calculation?"

The sleepy Jiang Xinghuo shifted his neck to the left and looked at Li Jinglong suspiciously.

"What are you talking about? Why can't I understand."

Of course Jiang Xinghuo didn't know about these two, he went out before dawn in the early morning and came back again.

"Oh, I understand what Jiang Lang means." Li Jinglong suddenly realized when he heard the words.

"I see!"

Li Jinglong nodded clearly, and Jiang Xinghuo would definitely not admit to such a thing in the future.

Sure enough, he is a master with deep merit and fame!

Zhu Gaoxu, who came late, was slowly moving over while clutching his buttocks, he asked.

"Mr. Jiang, it's time to continue talking about 'Silver Banknotes' today."

Jiang Xinghuo nodded, and took the Basiba silver coin handed over by Li Jinglong.


The silver coin bounced into the air, shining charmingly in the sunlight.

"Please allow me to start with this silver coin."

"Talk about the past and future of 'silver banknotes' and currency."

"Only by explaining this clearly can you understand why you said it."

"As long as I can control the coinage of a country, I don't care who... sits on the throne." Angela's Library