Chapter: 1

According to the official statistics of City F, about 1,200 people propose marriage on the rooftop every year , and the success rate is 95%. Among the 5% who fail to propose marriage, 1% will choose to commit suicide by jumping off a building. This is also the reason why the success rate of marriage proposals on Tiantai is high-they are afraid of killing people.

Tian Jingzhi stood on the roof of the TV station, looking at the continuous lights under his feet, wondering if the headline in tomorrow's newspaper would be "House goddess Lianhua girl jumped off the building and died, a generation of beauties disappeared?". It doesn't matter, she only prays that the exposed photos of herself will look a little better, preferably with a pale and withered beauty. After all, her face was the only thing that Ms. Shang Qiu Meiyun would show off.

But with her unlucky physique, which is rare in a century, she might just fall into a passing garbage truck.

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