Chapter: 10

He didn't want to get too close to any normal human being, but he had to come to her.

So that's why he didn't want to save her at all. It was really troublesome, and it couldn't be explained clearly in one sentence.

During this month, he studied the survival skills and development history of modern society in the library, and he found that it seems really difficult for human beings to live now. Due to overpopulation, each household has to live in a small concrete grid of tens of square meters. Unlike before, the house was built casually, chickens and ducks were raised in the yard, and the air was fresh and pleasant with thick green eyes. Unlike the dust that fills the mouth as soon as one walks on the main road, the blood of human beings walking past is smelly or sour. The typical body is slightly acidic, and the blood flowing all over the body is low-quality blood with excessive fat.

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