Chapter: 27

After dismissing the unsightly Feng Dongdong , Tian Jingzhi went back to the room and called Zhang Xuanxuan. Zhang Xuanxuan is having dinner with her fiancé Hong Shiguang at the moment. Although Tian Jingzhi knew that their engagement was just a commercial marriage, and they might not necessarily get married and have children, he still couldn't help but wonder: "When will we come out for a meal together, let me meet you, who is called 'the light of the world' 's fiancé."

"He hasn't been feeling well recently. I told him that I will ask him to come and visit the set next time I film."

Tian Jingzhi flicked his hair amorously, "Okay, I will definitely not wash my hair for three days before meeting him, and use my unkempt face to set off your beauty and elegance."

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