Chapter: 287

What kind of anorexia are you, Ms. Tian, ​​you are really pregnant, the fake one.

Xue Lingqiao came back because he heard two heartbeats in a distant place, one from Tian Jingzhi and the other from her stomach.

What is going on, he is actually in a hurry, he doesn't know what to do with her, and, obviously, Tian Jingzhi's current pregnancy performance has broken through the scope of normal human beings. Four months pregnant, my stomach is still flat, and there are no signs of pregnancy at all. Moreover, pregnancy has also changed Tian Jingzhi's physique, and her eating habits have become exactly the same as Xue Lingqiao's. Except for liquid food such as fruit juice and milk, she cannot digest Not to mention lethargy, dreaminess, moodiness and so on.

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