Chapter: 287

What kind of anorexia are you, Ms. Tian, ​​you are really pregnant, the fake one.

Xue Lingqiao came back because he heard two heartbeats in a distant place, one from Tian Jingzhi and the other from her stomach.

What is going on, he is actually in a hurry, he doesn't know what to do with her, and, obviously, Tian Jingzhi's current pregnancy performance has broken through the scope of normal human beings. Four months pregnant, my stomach is still flat, and there are no signs of pregnancy at all. Moreover, pregnancy has also changed Tian Jingzhi's physique, and her eating habits have become exactly the same as Xue Lingqiao's. Except for liquid food such as fruit juice and milk, she cannot digest Not to mention lethargy, dreaminess, moodiness and so on.

What will Tian Jingzhi become, will it return to normal in the future, what is the condition of the meat bun in Tian Jingzhi's stomach, how many months will it be born, whether it will be a human or a Nezha, Xue Lingqiao is not sure at all.

Xue Lingqiao was dying of a headache. When she turned her head, she saw that Tian Jingzhi had fallen asleep leaning on his lap with his hands on his knees.

When Tian Jingzhi woke up, it was already the next morning. She remembered what happened in her dream, and happily jumped up and ran downstairs.

"Feng Dongdong! Feng Dongdong! I dreamed of that!"

Running to the stairs, someone was sitting on the sofa, watching an idol drama. Zhang Xuanxuan's new drama is broadcasting on TV, she plays a silly white sweet, a little mentally retarded, only two lines "I'm sorry" and "Thank you" in her mouth, the male lead thinks she is very special, she must be real Goddess.

The man was wearing home clothes, and without turning his head, he just said, "I've squeezed the juice for you, come and drink it."

Tian Jingzhi looked at him for a while, then suddenly knelt down, hugged his head, and roared unbearably: "Brother, although I am very happy to see you, why is this dream so long? I am so hungry. Please bleed quickly and let me Wake up and go eat."

Xue Lingqiao scolded her again in her heart for being stupid, and was so angry that she really wanted to take her under the shower to shower, but she also cared about the meat buns in her stomach, and he was responsible for the meat buns.

Feng Dongdong was drying clothes outside, and when he heard Tian Jingzhi's roar, he thought that the two had a disagreement quarreled, so he hurried in to smooth things over. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Tian Jingzhi kneeling on the ground, like Ma Jingtao, and hurriedly persuaded him.

"Miss Tian, ​​aren't you happy that Brother Da Qiao came to see you? What are you doing kneeling? "

Tian Jingzhi yelled and jumped up from the ground: "Second Brother, why are you here?"


"Why do I have you in my dreams? Is my head a garbage dump or a recycling bin? What are you doing here? Can you reduce the quality of your dreams...I don't want to live anymore, Feng Dongdong can come and play in my dreams. "

"..." Feng Dongdong rushed up to pat her face with horror on his face: "Miss Tian, ​​wake up, this is not a dream, okay? Brother Da Qiao really came to see you, wake up soon."

Tian Jingzhi covered his face and began to cry: "It must be a dream, why can't I wake up? Feng Dongdong didn't dare to hit me."

Tian Jingzhi couldn't stop crying, but she was hungry, and she cried while drinking juice on the coffee table, and forgot to drink juice while crying, and continued to drink when she was hungry.

Feng Dongdong looked at their family Miss Tian with a dull face, how did she become such a strange situation, it was almost like being possessed by an evil spirit.

"Brother Qiao, what should we do? We must take Miss Tian to see a psychiatrist."

"It's nothing. I checked the information. Changes in eating habits, easy crying, vomiting, and lethargy are not major problems." Xue Lingqiao pretended to be calm, "Many pregnant women are like this."

"Pregnant...pregnant woman..." Feng Shuangdong was frightened, "Whose one?"

"Of course it's mine."

Xue Lingqiao looked at how Tian Jingzhi was crying, and thought to herself, who else is there besides me, it can't be the men who take her to eat, drink and have fun on the Internet, they are simply a bunch of her cousins. Angela's Library