Chapter: 294

When to go, just wait.

Xue Lingqiao thought, such a difficult decision, wait until it is easier.

He was thinking wildly, and when he lowered his head, Tian Jingzhi had already fallen asleep lying on his chest, the waves outside the house were bursting, crashing, and the wind was singing a lullaby.

But what Xue Lingqiao didn't know was that in his whole life, he would never have a relaxing time again.

Feng Dongdong and Feng Renu are twins. Since they were two years old, Feng Renu was taken by their grandparents to live abroad. According to their mother, they went to Vietnam as nanny.

Feng Dongdong felt that his mother was lying to him. Their family opened such a big supermarket with all kinds of delicious food in it. Why did their grandparents take their elder brother to Vietnam as a nanny? Could it be that parents are not filial and don't give money to grandparents. But isn't the money from the parents given by the grandparents? He didn't understand, but he didn't ask, because he was a very introverted child, so introverted that he was a bit useless.

He didn't feel bad either, his ass was pinched by his deskmate Zhou Mo at school, and he wouldn't tell his mother when he got home.

The aristocratic school he went to in elementary school was very aristocratic, and every student in the class was either rich or expensive. When the school started, he introduced himself on the podium, and he said: "My family runs a canteen You sent me to study here."

The children in the class had never seen such a poor person, and they roared with laughter.

From then on, Zhou Mo bullied him, screwed his ass, and called him "the son of the shopkeeper".

The other classmates came to pick him up in luxury cars, but his father picked him up every day on a brand-name bicycle. His father's driving skills are very good, and he shuttles between luxury cars. Luxury cars and luxury cars are crowded together, and no one will let anyone else. Feng Dongdong's father has already arrived home, and they are still blocking the school gate. One day, he and his deskmate were waiting for their father to pick them up at the intersection not far from the school. A car stopped at the intersection, and the two got out to ask for directions. After asking the way, they asked again: "Are you all students of that noble elementary school? Then your family is very rich?"

Zhou Mo pointed to Feng Dongdong's nose and said: "His parents sent him to our school at all costs. He is the son of a shopkeeper, a poor man."

"Then your family is rich."

"Of course." Zhou Mo said triumphantly, "My father drives a Mercedes-Benz."

The two of them looked at each other, said "oh", one went to drive, the other came over, picked up his deskmate, stuffed him into the car, and left.

Feng Dongdong, a second-grade elementary school student, was left in a mess in the wind.

He seemed to understand a little at that moment, why there are so many big supermarkets in his home, and the imported snacks brought by his classmates every day are bought at his home, but his mother still insisted on making him say that he is the son of a small shop.

Feng Dongdong remembered that the family at the same table seemed to have spent a lot of money to redeem him. After returning, the same table never pinched his ass again. He was like a bird frightened every day, even more useless than Feng Dongdong. So Feng Dongdong felt useless, and became friends with him. They were together from elementary school to high school, and lived in the same city after being admitted to university.

One of them is introverted by nature, and the other is introverted the day after tomorrow. They are out of place in the dormitory. They simply rent a house and live together outside. They play games together all night. Their hobby is learning hacking techniques. Unless they are in class, they basically don’t go out .

One day, Zhou Mo fell in love with a third-tier starlet named Tian Jingzhi. After participating in the first episode of the variety show "Beautiful Girls from Passers-by", he became very popular. He was photographed by an advertiser for an advertisement, and then made his debut smoothly. Because of her fresh and sweet appearance, she has taken on the covers and inside pages of fashion magazines, endorsed games, and also shot some idol dramas with simple plots.

Zhou Mo made a forum for his goddess, and formed a fan club called Lotus Cult for Tian Jingzhi.

Feng Dongdong stopped playing games when he saw him, and made all kinds of pictures of the goddess like a pervert every day, leading a group of admirers to yell and build momentum. He really couldn't understand their psychology of chasing stars.

Zhou Mo is a hard-core nerd. He was kidnapped when he was a child. It was a blessing in disguise. His parents just want to hold their son and be happy. As long as they don't fight and don't break the law, isn't he just a star chaser? Crazy chase! Zhou's parents supported their son's stupidity with practical actions, doubling his monthly living expenses. Zhou Mo looked at the account and sang at home every day: "I have a good father" or "A child with a mother is like a treasure".

Feng Dongdong was not so lucky, he had never been kidnapped, and his parents didn't know that the true meaning of life was to be happy, so they called him home to visit the supermarket since his senior year.

The son of a canteen grows up to open a canteen, and the son of a sheep herder grows up to herd sheep. It sounds exactly the same. Angela's Library