Chapter: 30

His parents tried their best to find a doctor who was a doctor at that time. The doctor said that his symptoms were extremely rare, just like being bitten by a dog, he might suffer from hydrophobia. He was bitten by a clouded leopard with an unknown virus, and the venom had penetrated deep into his lungs. , must be used as medicine with arsenic, aconitum and other highly poisonous substances, and at the same time bloodletting to detoxify, fasting, and hang life with ginseng soup. Although the parents had doubts about this way of fighting poison with poison, they could only take the risk once when they saw the unconscious Xue Lingqiao.

Repeated treatment in this way, after several blood changes, Xue Lingqiao's life was almost saved.

It was just because the poisonous soup hurt his stomach, he couldn't eat solid food, and he only drank some soup every day.

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