Chapter: 38

However, it also appeared in the news that after the summer vacation, students were trapped in the elevator and were not discovered until several months after the start of school. Tian Jingzhi looked left and right, and found a half-meter-long scrap steel bar in the pile of construction waste by the wall that he hadn't had time to clean up. He ran to the upper floor and knocked on the door every time he walked to see if there was any response from inside. Climbing stairs is a tough job. After the fifth floor, Tian Jingzhi's legs began to feel weak, and his well-groomed hair fell loose. You can go directly to planting rice seedlings .

"You monster surnamed Xue, where are you?"

When Tian Jingzhi walked to the seventh floor, she felt something was wrong, and rubbed the goosebumps on her body, "Hey, why is it so cold?" She put her hand on the elevator door, and immediately retracted in fright, the elevator door was covered with water Beads, the ground is wet a lot.

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