Chapter: 44

The mobile phone on the square table rang at the right time, indicating that a new email had been received, and the sender indicated that it was Professor Li Kunqing.

"The mummy is not stolen, it is not a mummy at all, but a dormant organism that has temporarily lost blood. He has absorbed blood and revived. The female artist who survived the car accident should be revived by his blood. I analyzed the blood of the female artist The sample contains a small amount of perfect repair enzyme, but it is very rare and cannot be extracted. We must find the monster to find out what we want."

The person on the wicker chair read the email and quickly turned off the phone screen. It was indeed beyond his expectation that Professor Li could deduce such an answer so quickly, but it was not in vain that he secretly funded the research center for so many years. He doesn't care how Professor Li got Tian Jingzhi's blood, people in trouble will always find their own way out. Both he and Professor Li are taking what they need. Although Professor Li doesn't know who he is yet, in a sense, they are on the same front.

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