Chapter: 83

In addition to Tian Jingzhi, there is another person who does not want the website to release a clear version of the video, and that is Detective Zhang's behind-the-scenes boss. Netizen "Head of Bodyguards" proposed to Manager Fang of the video site to negotiate the price directly with the buyer. Manager Fang weighed it over and over again, if he doesn't agree to this request, he won't get anything. So, Manager Fang contacted Detective Zhang the next day, and Lion demanded a large sum of money, and sold the Internet contact information of the "Head of Bodyguards" to Detective Zhang, and Detective Zhang also asked him to keep the matter secret .

In the back garden of a luxurious manor, Detective Zhang is operating a notebook, while his boss, the owner of the manor who likes to stay in the shadows, stands in front of the cage and feeds the birds.

"People in this world are really more greedy than one another." Detective Zhang was very dissatisfied with Manager Fang's robbery.

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