Chapter: 668

“Hello, and welcome to the third academy. Here’s the situation – you’re not supposed to be here, though due to some uncertain events, you are. Plus, I’m told you snuck in here, and we were thinking of executing you, but we have decided to have mercy since you’re so young. But since you are here, and sending you back would be annoying, you will now be working here with us.” Norgrim said as if it were already a done deal.

“Now, I’m sure we’ll find a way to make use of you, but for now I believe we need some mage assistants.” he added, “Also, don’t try to harm anyone or we’ll be forced to execute you.”

He said it so casually, but a shiver went down Smileys spine; something in his voice told him to beware, that many had been executed before and that many more would be to come.

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