Chapter: 992

I can't keep using these bones so wastefully. He raised his necrotic gauntlet, his necrotic mana pulling as many bones back from the waters as it could.

Now… we'll see if this woman will help, or if I'll need to force her to, he frowned, not really wanting to threaten her into compliance.

Archers left its stealthy spot on the bank, pushing its covering of leaves and dirt off to stand alongside Red's two guardian skeletons.

Asra watched patiently as Jay carried out his plans, not raising a questioning brow or even shaking her head. She didn't look worried, and it seemed she trusted him. Since losing trust in so many people, Jay thought trust was quite valuable, so it was quite flattering that someone would dare to trust him, and he would not hurt that trust by treating it cheaply like so many others did with his.

Jay nodded at Archers as it stood by their side, and it nodded back.

(Archers, nod at Asra too.)

Asra was in pain, but Jay thought he saw the hint of a curled lip behind her aching frown when it nodded at her.

Is she growing fond of the skeletons? He briefly thought, having more pressing matters to deal with.

The swamp woman was still pinned down by his skeletons, and had been for a while now.

She's either beginning to calm down or accept her fate, but I don't want to make her more crazy than she already is.

Jay could only just see her thick body through the fog with his own eyes. It was hard to tell after looking through the black-white shade vision, but her skin had a healthy sprinkling of pigmentation, and was both pale white or stained black from the swamp, there was hardly any color to it at all. If not for her hulking size, she would seem sickly and frail.

Jay made sure that Blue covered Hegatha's eyes so she couldn't see him. As for the leaves she controlled, they had stopped trying to lift the skeletons and were floating over the swamp waters - not protecting her, threatening the skeletons or Jay.

Odd, she's not using them for either defense or attack?

He called out to the swamp woman "You asked before if I escaped? Escape what - you? And who do you think may have sent me?"

"Just kill me, fiend!"

Fiend, does she think I'm a monster? Hmm… I suppose I can't blame her, Jay glanced at his skeletons.

The woman was quiet, ready to accept her death.

"Listen, I'll let you analyze me to prove I'm human, but if anything weird happens, my skeletons will drag you into the water and disassemble you. I imagine whatever is lurking down there will immediately smell your blood and finish the job."

Jay slowly walked closer, taking the risk, he held his hand behind his back. In between his fingers were three teeth, each of them beginning to tremble with necrotic energy.

Three unstable teeth spells were brewing.

(Blue, uncover her eyes.)

Jay slowly went closer, using his analyze skill repeatedly until he was close enough to get a notification.

[Hegatha - Level 27]

[HP - 100%]

[MP - 0%]

She gazed back, watching the approaching shadow with widened eyes, breathing faster, until finally, Jay was close enough to analyze too.

[Bob - Level 4]

[HP - 100%]

[MP - 34%]

Her fists relaxed, releasing the dirt, as she saw that Jay was truly human. Angela's Library