Irresistible Romance

In front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, her fiancé refused to come and left her alone in the chaotic wind. Facing men with similar experiences, she took the initiative and approached, "Mr. Jiang, if you can't find a bride for the time being, why not consider me?" He readily agreed, and thus, two familiar strangers became connected. She held no love for him, and her initial intention of marrying him was merely for revenge. What she didn't know was that the stranger turned out to be the most famous CEO who is rich and handsome.

Although they just know each other for a short time, she was attracted to him all the time. When she encountered difficulties in work, he always appeared to help her out in time; when she was hurt by someone close to her, she was always comforted by him. Appreciating his charm, feeling his tenderness, she began to rejoice that they get married at the first meeting.

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