Chapter: 5362

Ning Yue gathered herself together, and then walked in.

The furnishings inside are still familiar.

Fu Yechuan, on the other hand, was sitting by the window wearing sunglasses, with a gloomy and stern expression.

Lazy but dignified, he tilted his head slightly, heard Ning Yue's movement, raised his hand slightly, and greeted her in her direction

"Yue'er, come here."

His voice was hoarse, calm and calm.

And sitting across from him was an old man who looked thin and small.

The old man's hair is white, his cheeks are sunken, but his face is quite ruddy. He is wearing a white Tang suit, and his wrinkled skin looks like it is attached to his bones, but his eyes are very bright, with a shocking coldness and blackness.

Ning Yue paused and walked over.

The old man immediately stood up, bowed politely and smiled

"Miss Ning, it's a great honor to meet you for the first time."

Ning Yue nodded slightly, and glanced at Fu Yechuan.

Fu Yechuan obviously didn't want to introduce this old man, his eyes were a bit cold.

The old man began to report himself

"I'm Mr. Fu's father's housekeeper, Bai Ying. I'm here to visit Mr. Fu on behalf of Mr. Fu's father. Fu has heard of Ms. Ning for a long time. Thanks to Ms. Ning's care during this period, Mr. will recover so well."

Ning Yue pursed her lips, "You're welcome."

She didn't say a word.

Instead, the old man gave a slight pause.

Her attitude was lukewarm, which was beyond the old man's expectation.

It was beyond Fu Qingcheng's expectation.

Fu Yechuan pursed his lips in satisfaction, and pulled Ning Yue to sit down.

With a somewhat cynical tone, he smiled lightly.

"I've seen it, you can go back and tell him. I don't agree with what he said. I'm not dead yet, so I want to divide my property. I haven't seen any old man in such a hurry!"

The old man paused and smiled helplessly.

"You know Mr. Fu didn't mean that. You are his only son, and it's too late for him to wish you well!"

"Anyway, there's no need to say much."

Fu Yechuan looked like he didn't want to eat oil or salt.

Ning Yue watched these two people come and go.

Although she didn't avoid talking to her, Ning Yue didn't know what they meant.

The old man's eyes flickered, he glanced at Ning Yue, and said with a smile Angela's Library