Chapter: 126

Because, he could see that Wu Yin seemed to be keeping a low profile on purpose, and she even waved at the actress, wanting to leave.

However, when he squeezed over, although Wu Yin was dissatisfied with the actress, she was even more unhappy when she saw Wang Xuan. When she saw him approaching, she immediately crossed her arms and looked alert and defensive.

Wang Xuan was speechless, as for? He guessed that this woman still held grudges, after all, last time he analyzed the pathology for her, he really offended her a lot.

Wu Yin glanced at him coldly, hugged her chest, and turned sideways, which was an obvious distance from him, she didn't want to greet him, let alone have any contact with him.

"Big...Wu Yin!" Wang Xuan changed his mouth temporarily. In his mind, apart from her temper, the most intuitive impression of this woman was that she was "open-minded."

Wu Yin is very smart, from the moment he uttered the first word, he immediately judged his original intention just now, what exactly he wanted to call her, and his eyes burst into flames.

"Don't get me wrong, I just saw you greet that actress secretly, you should know each other, hurry up and persuade this group of people, don't be so high-profile, it's almost pushing me into the lake."

Wu Yin originally wanted to say hello to the actress and let her go, but she also felt that Wang Xuan was deliberately rubbing her feet towards her, she was dissatisfied immediately, and didn't want to talk to him, and turned around directly with her arms folded, ignoring him up.

Those men in black rushed over, looked at Wang Xuan badly, as if they thought he was provoking trouble.

"Don't touch me with your hands!" Wu Yin warned.

Wang Xuan didn't back down anymore, they were all at the lake. With the aim of "curing illnesses and saving lives", he taught everyone a lesson and kicked the men in black into the lake one by one.

This suddenly seemed to poke a hornet's nest, and a group of men in black rushed over.

Wang Xuan hugged the little girl and looked at Wu Yin, which means that if you don't show up, we will all be squeezed into the lake.

Wu Yin ignored him, wanted to move to the side, and gave him a glare.

Wang Xuan saw that she was still hugging her breasts like she was guarding against thieves. He thought it was better to educate her. When the man in black rushed over, he pulled the little girl to avoid him. He did not touch Wu Yin with his hand, but he was very rude. He kicked her ass and kicked it down.

Then, he would kick anyone in the group of black-clothed men who moved forward, and soon the surrounding area was cleared up, and the people around shouted, they couldn't understand this group of bodyguards for a long time.

In the end, the actress was also squeezed by the crowd, Wang Xuan didn't know what happened, and saw the actress also fell into the lake.

"I don't think I kicked it down." Wang Xuan looked at the crowd and said.

"Uncle, it seems to be you." The little girl beside him whispered to him honestly.

People around laughed.

Wang Xuan sighed, and immediately contacted Lao Chen, saying: "Old Chen, I agree, I will give you a great fortune, but you come here to solve some problems first."

In the lake, Wu Yin's eyes were spewing fire, she was so angry, naturally she rarely suffers with her status, it's good that she didn't bother Wang Xuan, he actually took the initiative to do something today, no, it was his feet, she couldn't bear it, she wanted to be angry My lungs exploded.

Moreover, her buttocks were aching, and the force of that kick was so strong that she almost cried out.

She was already very tempered, but now her chest was heaving violently, and she wished she could rush ashore immediately to settle accounts with that person.

But she didn't dare to move, because the long skirt was completely soaked and stuck to her body. Her curvaceous figure really didn't dare to go ashore, otherwise she would definitely become the focus.

She covered her face with her long hair, worried about being photographed, but it was really cold in the water, after all, it was late autumn, and she gritted her teeth in the freezing air.

On the other side, the actress was not so calm, and screamed after falling into the lake. This experience was a nightmare for her, and she choked on two mouthfuls of water.

Fortunately, the man in black who fell into the lake did his job well. There were also a few female bodyguards in the group, who swam over to hold her up and prevented her from sinking to the bottom, but the makeup on her face was all smeared.

Seeing this scene, Wu Yin's assistant did not dare to be impulsive, fearing that she would also be kicked off, so she stood on the shore and quickly called for help.

A black-clothed bodyguard wanted to go ashore, but the crowd booed and kicked him down again. Seeing this, the other black-clothed bodyguards didn't dare to come up. Angela's Library