Chapter: 127

"Everyone spread out, saving people is the most important thing, accidentally falling into the water is the most likely to catch cold." Wang Xuan shouted, he didn't want to make things worse, it's better to let people come up first.

People in black came shore one after another, obviously keeping a low profile, not daring to push people anymore, and pulling their companions up from the shore.

"Da Wu, I'll pull you up!" Wang Xuan shouted to Wu Yin. In the spirit of being kind to others and that enemies should be resolved rather than knotted, he reached out to save Wu Yin. 't call her real name. After all, she came from A certain super family in Xinxing has a sensitive identity.

Wu Yin didn't move. After hearing the big characters, her beautiful eyes spit fire even more seriously. She didn't feel the warmth of being rescued and cared for at all. On the contrary, she felt that the man was definitely delicately retaliating against her last violent words and deeds. .

Wang Xuan saw that she didn't respond, and lowered his head, covering his pretty face with his hair, like an ostrich, he didn't bother to care about it, after all, he only met a few times.

Wu Yin noticed that his gaze was passing by, and felt that he did it on purpose, wanting to pull herself out of the water, to see her embarrassing appearance with her long skirt wet on her body.

"Leilei!" A woman in her thirties, with tears on her face, ran over quickly and greeted the little girl beside Wang Xuan.

"Mom!" The little girl cried happily.

There were too many people just now, and the people in black were pushing and shoving randomly, and the mother and daughter were separated.

Seeing this, Wang Xuan immediately sent the little girl over. The woman thanked her in tears, and quickly picked up her child.

At this moment, a man in his fifties came, followed by several people, which made Wang Xuan immediately alert. The people around the man were not simple.

"Xiao Yin, what's wrong with you?"

"Uncle, I was pushed into the water." Wu Yin told, and looked at Wang Xuan.

Wang Xuan sighed, Lao Chen was a little slow, why didn't he make it? He didn't leave earlier, so naturally he won't leave now, and he calmly stepped forward.

As an enthusiastic crowd, he took the initiative to tell the middle-aged man that the actress was too ostentatious, causing the road to be blocked here, and the bodyguards almost pushed passers-by into the lake.

"It's really outrageous!" Wang Xuan shook his head and said, "Obviously I made a mistake, but just now the actress whispered that knowing the victim in the lake is simply..."

A middle-aged man in his fifties named Wu Chenglin was indeed Wu Yin's uncle. He was naturally quite shrewd. Hearing this, he immediately knew that the enthusiasm of this young man in front of him was mixed with water.

"The two of them really know each other, right?" Wang Xuan pointed to the "victim" Wu Yin in the water, and then pointed to the actress not far away.

"I don't know!" Wu Chenglin shook his head immediately, and quickly took off his coat, handed it to Wu Yin who had already arrived by the lake, and pulled her up with his own hands.

He naturally wants to deny that their behavior style is like this. They don't want to be too high-profile. They usually stay off stage or behind the scenes, and they don't want to expose themselves and become the scenery in the eyes of others.

What's more, if today's material is on the news page, it will definitely be very negative.

Not far away, the actress and her assistants were very unwilling. When they wanted to say something, Wu Chenglin glanced over there and said to the audience: "There's nothing to see, let's go."

The first one to leave was the actress and her party. They left without saying a word, without making a big fuss, and they didn't bother Wang Xuan.

Wang Xuan also turned around and left, but before he walked a hundred meters, he saw a car approaching at high speed and stopped by the side of the road, and it was Lao Chen who rushed to the scene.

"Old Chen, I'm going back first, roughly like this..." Wang Xuan talked to him on his mobile phone, but he didn't go there himself. He simply informed him of the situation and prepared to leave.

"Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Lao Wu, the partner of our cooperation this time. Xiao Wang, do you want to come over? Let's get acquainted first, and we will have to deal with it in the future." Lao Chen was talking with Wang Xuan while looking at the lake, a little surprised.

Wang Xuan felt something was wrong. Didn't the expedition organization intercept the Ling family, Zhou family, and Wu family in Qingcheng Mountain last time? Why are they cooperating now?

But he can also understand that when the interests are the same, the enemies can come together, not to mention that the two sides probably have a basis for cooperation all the time. The last time the cut-off was also made by Lao Chen secretly poking Aoki to do it, the other party may not Know.

"Old Chen, I won't go. I forgot to tell you. I threw Lao Wu's niece into the lake just now. You can solve it. But you must not betray me, otherwise, the story about Yuhua Dengxian Don't even think about big chances in your life, I won't tell you even if I'm rotten in my stomach!"

When Lao Chen heard this, he immediately gritted his teeth. As a well-known master in the field of old arts, he made everyone from Xinxing come to visit him, and he actually wanted to solve such a mess in person. I couldn't feel ashamed of that person. Angela's Library