Chapter: 136

Old Chen said in private that this bead was obtained by alchemists in the pre-Qin period from killing dragons. According to legend, dense scriptures were engraved on it, and it is a rare god.

However, he was not sure whether the Suihou beads were genuine or not, after all, they were unearthed from time to time in the past and found to be fakes.

Wu Yin's body carried a faint fragrance, and she stood with Wang Xuan. They had already disembarked from the spaceship, looking at the mountains in the distance.

After Lao Chen came down, a group of people immediately went up to meet him. Whether they were enemies or old friends who hadn't seen him for many years, they all attached great importance to him and didn't dare to be too casual.

Of course, this is the majority of people, and some people reacted coldly, standing in the distance without moving a step.

"Mr. Chen!" Someone shouted, and was approaching quickly. The voice was a man, wearing a small anthropomorphic mecha, nearly three meters high. When he stepped on the ground, he was heavy and powerful, giving people a certain sense of oppression.

"I grew up listening to the stories of Mr. Chen, and I admire them very much. It's just that Mr. Chen hasn't shot for many years. Now he is almost 60 years old. Can he still play? People who practice old skills have already begun to walk at this age. On the downhill road, the blood is gradually drying up. For the sake of safety, I think I should try Mr. Chen's physical condition first, so as to avoid accidents and bloody tragedies when I really end up in the near future."

In an instant, the entire open area fell silent, and many people did not expect that someone would directly come to such a play.

Aoki was furious at the time, and at this meeting, someone really came with a lot of malice. They had just disembarked from the spaceship, and an unknown mech warrior came to provoke them. Who should they show? !

Who can not know what is going on? Doing so is nothing more than deliberately disgusting Lao Chen and embarrassing those who practice the old technique.

The other party also knew that this was very unwise, even a little low-handed, but they still arranged it like this. It was simple and rude, and it was aimed at Old Chen. It was a serious provocation.

From Aoki's point of view, this is also a humiliation to his master. With Lao Chen's great reputation, it's too much for someone to come forward and mess around like this.

In fact, even those who did not deal with Lao Chen and belonged to different camps, many people were dissatisfied, their faces were gloomy, and they felt that it was too much.

Many people from the camps of mechs, genetic warfare, and new techniques came forward and yelled loudly, thinking that this was going too far.

Lao Chen waved his hand, told Aoki to step back, and walked directly there, and said very directly, "Okay, come and try my state."

"Okay, for the sake of respecting the elderly, I won't use hot weapons." With a clang, the mech warrior drew out a two-meter-long sword and started running, making the ground tremble. After approaching, he Swinging the big sword in his hand violently, a bright cold light flashed across, dazzling like lightning.

Old Chen didn't move at first, until he approached and swung his sword, then he sideways dodged, and rushed forward again at a high speed, with a bang, he slapped the mecha warrior's chest with his palm.


A terrible sound sounded, and the mecha sparked, dense cracks appeared, and then it shattered with a bang, scattered all over the ground.

A mixed-race man in his thirties fell out of the middle, his mouth was covered in bloody froth, and he fell to the ground motionless with a bang.

"This..." Wang Xuan was dumbfounded, and he couldn't believe it. Lao Chen actually smashed the mech with his bare hands, which was far beyond his expectations!

The scene was silent, and many people's pupils constricted!

"I haven't made a move in ten years, and many people don't remember me." Lao Chen said coldly. He had thick short silver hair and wore the same silver cold mask. He stood there and glanced around. Dare to look at each other. Angela's Library