Chapter: 135

Wu Yin's smile remained unchanged, but she felt a little strange, even displeased, because she had some other associations when she heard the word Xiao Wang.

For example, Wang Xuan, who has filled her with anger recently, seems to be often called Lao Wang by Qin Cheng and others who are familiar with him.

But in her opinion, the man in front of her eyes is pure, clear and energetic, quite sunny, and his smile is actually very bright, no matter how you look at it, he is better than that Wang Xuan.

If Wang Xuan knew her thoughts, he would definitely sigh that preconceived prejudices are terrible, enough to affect a person's aesthetics and judgment.

He felt that this face was worse than his real self.

"Xiao Wang is amazing. Although he is young, he is very talented in the field of old arts. Even now, I may not be his opponent."

Aoki said, quite emotionally, this time his words were not watery, his sense of loss was undisguised, his journey was almost over.

Wu Yin was startled, this young man in his early twenties is so powerful? It's amazing!

In this era, the old arts are in decline, and there are very few young people who can calm down and study the old arts. Even if they have the strength, they will not be too outrageous, after all, the age is there.

Could this be the second Chen Yongjie? She was very surprised. Even if the man in front of her was not as good as the young old Chen, he probably wasn't much weaker.

Many people know that Lao Chen started to practice old skills since he was a child, and made rapid progress all the way, and he was already very famous when he was in his twenties.

Wu Yin immediately paid attention to it. The purpose of this family's cooperation with the expedition organization is to invite some old masters here to come over.

Even if you can't invite Lao Chen, you should invite some more famous old art masters. Xiao Wang in front of you is so young, it is definitely worth making great efforts to win him over.

At the same time, Wu Yin also has other ideas. If Xiao Wang can be pulled into the family's expedition organization and become one of his own, and let him educate the other extremely vicious Wang Xuan, it will definitely be very interesting.

There is no doubt that the conversation along the way is harmonious and pleasant.

Wu Yin is very upright, graceful and pretty. She took Wang Xuan to visit the spaceship. After sitting down, her witty words were like pearls, and she was quite talkative. Even if Aoki left to accompany Lao Chen, she and Wang Xuan were the only ones left, and there was no silence. .

Wang Xuan turned his head and looked over. She had light makeup on, a delicate and beautiful face, a high nose bridge, shiny red lips, a soft voice, and quick thinking. She was sexy yet intellectually beautiful.

He doubted, replaced it? Does Da Wu have a twin sister? The Wu Yin in front of her is completely different in temperament and manners.

"People are really different. Xiao Wang, you are very humble and obviously strong, but you are so low-key. It's so rare. It doesn't look like some of your peers..." Wu Yin shook her head when she said this.

As soon as Wang Xuan heard it, she knew that she was laying the groundwork, but she knew how to speak well, so she just mentioned it a little this time, and didn't say much. It is estimated that she will continue to use eye drops when they meet again in the future.

He slandered for a while, Da Wu, you are really unkind, maybe you are thinking, let me hit myself in the future, right? !

Although Congling Ridge is far away, the speed of the spacecraft is extremely fast, even if it advances at a low gear, it will arrive soon.

This is a plateau with an average altitude of more than 4,500 meters, and many mountains are very magnificent, with a height of more than 6,000 meters.

Congling is a necessary place on the ancient Silk Road, and it is also called the Pamirs in later generations.

The altitude is too high, especially in late autumn, the whole plateau is grayish brown, the vegetation has withered early, and the natural conditions are harsh.

There are already many spaceships parked on an open field, and there are even small warships on some mountain peaks. As for the ships in the sky, they do not land.

Wang Xuan realized that all parties were prepared to meet here, to avoid being used by large warships to steal the way, and to check and balance each other.

In addition, the relevant departments of the old soil also came, not only for the endorsement and shock, but also because this time it involved a newly unearthed historical and legendary treasure.

Wu Yin said softly: "Suihouzhu, these are not those illusory utensils. They are recorded in history books. They are one of the two most famous treasures in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods along with Heshibi."

Naturally, Wang Xuan also knew about this dispute. Some people wanted to take Suihouzhu away, but others wanted to stop them. Finally, they came to Congling to meet and see how to resolve it. Angela's Library