Chapter: 122

"But merchants from out of town don't know that the location represents the status. As long as other bookstores can offer similar quality and price, why should they choose us?"

This thing is like a capitalist's luxury watch and luxury car. You don't like to enjoy yourself, but most of the time you need to show your economic strength to your partners through them.

You know, Jiangcheng is the most prosperous city in the world, and Li country is also the country with the most powerful aristocratic families. If you want to get a store in a prime location, you must have a relationship, otherwise it will be useless no matter how much money you have.

He heard from Zhai Yun that the major bookstores had contacted the Mohist several times these days, and wanted to borrow Mohist craftsmen, but they were all rejected by the Mohist.

However, there are so many craftsmen in this city, not all of them belong to the Mohist school.

When the time comes, it may not be a problem to come up with a decent block printing, but the cost will be higher.

The time was too urgent, and the location and advertising effect had become quite thorny problems, so he was not in a hurry to guarantee Hua Chao just now, because he was not absolutely sure.

Bai Zhi also scratched her head anxiously: "Then what should I do? You are so good, why does everyone bully you?"

Ying Wuji smiled: "Let's not think about the first question for now, but I have a way to try the second question."

"what way?"

"When I came to Le Kingdom as a hostage, King Li gave a gold token to the embassy in order to affirm the diplomatic relations between the two countries. If you use this token, you can win any vacant storefront for free, and the royal family will reimburse you .”

"Really? Where is this token?"

"It's at the embassy, ​​but it depends on the business seal to transfer it!"


Bai Zhi was a little frustrated: "Doesn't that make Xun Zhiyin nod?"

Ying Wuji: "..."

This little maid stayed with her for a long time, and her words became more and more unrestrained.

The same goes for the people in the bookstore, except for Hua Chao, they are more or less infected by themselves.

He smiled and said, "Don't worry! I have a way to let him take the initiative to hand it over to me, but I need your help!"

Bai Zhi's eyes lit up, and when she thought that she would be useful soon, she became very excited: "How can I help? As long as I can help you, I will do whatever you ask me to do."

Ying Wuji clung to her ear: "Let's do this first, then this, and finally that..."

Bai Zhi's pretty face flushed with excitement: "Wonderful!"


Dry country embassy.

The smile on Xun Zhiyin's face was extremely bright: "Don't worry, the envoy, I have almost investigated their details. Ying Wuji is very cunning. Paper making is a business that doesn't make much money. He only gave four thousand taels of flowers. Cheng Jiu, the bookstore makes so much money, how could it be possible for Hua Chao to take the lead?

What's more, I have tried them several times, and all the signs indicate that Ying Wuji is the person in charge of the bookstore. If you still don't believe me, it will be the end of the month soon, and I will go to the Yamen to get the records of the store, so that You too can have peace of mind. "

Tieniu rubbed his rough cheeks: "Okay! It also counts as you have done your duty to the embassy!"

Xun Zhiyin said with a smile: "This is doing your duty for Young Master Wu Que! Isn't our mission from the Gan Kingdom coming soon? When the time comes, the bookstore will be directly handed over to our people to take over, and it will count as planting a cash cow for Young Master Wu Que. When the time comes The envoy, don't forget to say a few good words for me!"

Tieniu nodded: "Don't worry! The benefits are indispensable to you!"

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