Chapter: 123

Ying Wuji's furious scolding came from the front hall of the embassy: "Li Guo, these goujiba bastards, in order to kill Lao Tzu's bookstore, they really don't want to lose face!"

"Li Guo's group of gojibas, in order to kill Lao Tzu's bookstore, they really don't want to lose face!"

The voice was extremely violent.

Xun Zhiyin had heard Ying Wuji scolding people before, but it was the first time he heard Ying Wuji scolding so harshly and unbearably so, so he immediately pricked up his ears and listened carefully, wanting to see what happened, and unexpectedly put this It became like this.

Since that incident, Ying Wuji's temperament has changed drastically, and he is the one who feels the most intuitively.

In the past, he behaved well in everything he did, but later he pointed at his nose and scolded him, as if he didn't care about anything.

It's definitely not a trivial matter to be so angry now.

He just said... kill the bookstore?

Isn't that our son's perfect property?

Xun Zhiyin's heart skipped a beat, feeling something was wrong, so he listened more carefully.

Bai Zhi comforted in a low voice: "Young master, don't panic! You can definitely do it."


Ying Wuji sneered: "What can I do? Other bookstores also have printing, so what advantage do we have in that corner?"

"Isn't our embassy still..."

Bai Zhi lowered her voice again, as if she was afraid that others would hear it.

"Shut up!"

Ying Wuji interrupted sharply, and his voice became much lower: "Don't tell me you want me to beg that old dog Xun Zhiyin?"

Bai Zhi felt aggrieved: "But this bookstore is your painstaking effort..."

Ying Wuji was extremely irritable: "You think I want to? But there are only ten days left, and orders from other countries can't be grabbed, so let's hang on to it like this. The rich can't make money, but the ordinary people can always get it." Earn some."

"But, but... we invested a lot of money!"

"That's the money Hua Chao invested in the paper store. What does it have to do with my bookstore? Anyway, I didn't lose money!"

Ying Wuji's voice seemed a little depressed, he cursed a few more words, and went straight back to his room.

Xun Zhiyin: "..."

tractor: "..."

Xun Zhiyin was silent for a while, and quickly called one of his subordinates: "Go outside and find out what happened?"


His subordinates took orders and left the embassy quickly.

Xun Zhiyin sat down and took a sip of tea, breathing a little more quickly. When he showed his loyalty to Ying Wuque last time, he bragged about this bookstore to the sky.

What if something went wrong?

But he thought about it again, could this be Ying Wuji's bitter trick, after all, he mentioned that thing just now. Angela's Library