Chapter: 124

After thinking wildly for a while, his subordinates came back and reported the news about the bookstore they had inquired outside.

In the end, I handed over several books to Xun Zhiyin: "My lord! This is what was published by several major bookstores."

Xun Zhiyin opened it and found that although the publications of these bookstores were not good, they already had that meaning. At least it would not be a problem to take them out and buy them.

Most importantly, several bookstores actually used the same engraving block for publication.

In order to deal with a Shangmo Bookstore, several bookstores actually teamed up directly, and even found out that Lan Lingsheng made such harsh demands on the outside world.

"It really doesn't talk about Wude!"

Xun Zhiyin cursed, since Ying Wuji's accident, this was the first time he felt wronged for Ying Wuji.

So bullying!

I've never seen such a bully!

How many aristocratic families of the Li country unite to bully a proton of an friendly country with no background?

Where did Ying Wuji find the strength to fight back?

If they let Shangmo Bookstore go down, how can I claim credit for it?

No wonder Ying Wuji was so angry, he was going to die of anger just by hearing it.

Xun Zhiyin was in a hurry and paced back and forth in the room, not knowing what to do for a while.

One is that there is no book of the same level as "Mountain and Sea Tales", and the other is that the location is remote and cannot be trusted by people, and it is difficult to get this order.

The remoteness of the location can be solved by yourself, which was originally the preferential treatment given to the Qian Kingdom by King Li, but there has been no property that can be sold in these years, so it has been useless.

But it’s useless to just have a shop. How could it be possible for such a wonderful book like "Shanhai Paradise" to be resounding for a while...

Tieniu got a little impatient when he shook him: "Have you thought of a way?"

Xun Zhiyin hurriedly said: "The envoy, don't worry, I'll find a way right away!"

After finishing speaking, he cupped his hands and left.

After going out, he hesitated for a while, then strode towards the courtyard where Ying Wuji was.

Just as he was about to raise his hand to knock on the door, he heard a voice from the courtyard.

Bai Zhi's voice was a little anxious: "My lord, the stories you wrote are much better than "Shanhai Paradise". If you write a few more stories, you will definitely be able to turn around in time!"

"What can I do? Even if I don't sleep, it will take at least five days to write it. Can you tell me how to make this book known in Jiangcheng before the end of the month? By then, all orders from other places will be sold out." , how to turn over?

That's it, I probably won't be able to make big money, I'll just earn some pocket money in the future, anyway, it's not mine, so why work so hard? "

Ying Wuji's voice was sleepy, without the anger just now, nor the feeling of arrogance and domineering before, as if he had completely resigned to his fate.

Bai Zhi was a little unwilling, but could only agree: "Okay..."



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