Chapter: 126

"My son said..."

The servant was a little embarrassed and faltered in his speech.

Xun Zhiyin said in a deep voice: "But it's okay to say, what the young master says, you can just paraphrase the original words!"

Then the servant said: "Young Master said, Old Dog Xun has nothing to gain, if it is not for his own merits, how can he help? He usually makes troubles, so why pretend to be a good person today?"

Xun Zhiyin was not angry either: "What about the token? Did he accept it?"

The servant nodded: "Accepted!"


Xun Zhiyin let out a long sigh of relief, a relieved smile appeared on his face, and he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

But looking at the look of the servant who hesitated to speak, he asked again: "What else did you say?"

The servant grinned: "Young master also said that Mr. Xun is a little abnormal mentally, the more he is scolded badly, the more excited he is. Isn't this purely a disease?"

Xun Zhiyin: "..."

He wanted to scold his mother a little bit, but he endured it, thinking that Ying Wuji was not stupid at all, even though he was swearing at him on the surface, he still made the right choice when it came to business.

Immediately, my mood improved a lot, and I even hummed a song.

Go back to the room and sleep!


The night is getting dark.

The weak but warm lights on the street were extinguished one after another, except for the most prosperous city center in Jiangcheng, the lights were still brightly lit, and all other places fell into a peaceful sleep.

Shangmo Bookstore.

Hua Chao wiped her hands, looked at the backyard that had just been cleaned, with a serene smile on her lips.

Xiao Liu, the maid at the side, said: "Miss, let me do this kind of thing by myself in the future."

Hua Chao smiled and shook his head: "No, can I not do this kind of thing?"

Xiao Liu couldn't help but said: "But you used to love your hands very much!"


Hua Chao looked at her hands, except for the calluses from playing the piano, the rest of the skin was still fair and delicate. After being a singer for so long, what she cherished most was her voice and hands.

These days, the bookstore drinks and eats meat every day. After everyone leaves, it is she and Xiao Liu who are cleaning. It may not be obvious after a short time, but after a while, it will definitely leave marks on the hands. But unexpectedly, she didn't seem so repulsive.

She smiled: "No matter how much you cherish your hands, you can't help cleaning your own home!"

Xiao Liu didn't speak, but responded in a low voice: "Okay..."

At this moment, someone knocked on the back door.

So late, who could it be?

"who?" Angela's Library