Chapter: 127

"Sister! It's me, Luo Ming."

"Little Liu, go and open the door."

With the "squeak" sound of the wooden door, Luo Ming walked in quickly.

Hua Chao looked at him, frowned slightly: "Why are you here again?"

Luo Ming moved his nose and smelled the smell of alcohol and meat in the air. He hesitated for a while and said, "Sister! Have you heard about Lan Lingsheng?"

Hua Chao's face suddenly became a little ugly: "Luo Ming, are you here to be a lobbyist for Cheng again?"


Luo Ming sighed softly, shook his head and said, "Actually, after I went back last time, I didn't want to force you. But that morning, Ji Su suddenly came to the door..."

He recounted everything that happened in Xiangfu that morning.

Finally, he sighed softly: "It's true that Dad did something wrong, but he was right in one sentence, if one Lan Lingsheng came out today, who can guarantee that there won't be another Lan Lingsheng in the future?

Now that father is the prime minister in full swing, you can still take advantage of the shadow, but you also know the situation in Li Guo. Your Majesty wants to weaken Wei Han and strengthen the clan. The Wei family wants to rely on father to eliminate dissidents in the court. The Han family Why is it different from the Wei family's mind?

What's more, Ying Wuji's status is special, it's good that Gan Li is close to each other now, but when he turns against each other one day, how will he deal with himself?

Besides, Ying Wuque is at the top of the sky in Qianguo, and Ying Wuji has a wicked heart, so how do you make us feel at ease? "

Hua Chao snorted coldly: "So what? I chose the road myself!"

Luo Ming shook his head: "But your path can be easily cut off by anyone! You are well aware of your father's character. Since he became the prime minister, he has always cherished his feathers and never done anything that would damage his reputation.

Although Lan Lingsheng was only asked to come forward this time, anyone who thinks about it deeply can think that this matter was done secretly by him.

The majestic prime minister of a country, but shot at a proton who had lost his power. Do you think dad is not determined enough this time?

In order to make you realize the reality, he cannot let Shangmo Bookstore go! "

Hua Chao was heartbroken, turned his head away and said, "Shangmo Bookstore is not something he can destroy if he wants to. We have countermeasures, so I won't bother you!"

Although she didn't know what Ying Wuji's countermeasures were, she still had inexplicable confidence in Ying Wuji.

Luo Ming shook his head: "Sister! Don't be naive. Now the major bookstores have united and brought together nearly a hundred artisans to improve printing techniques. And each of them has contributed tens of thousands of gold and is ready to throw it away. Shangmo Bookstore will ask for a price. No matter how much, they will only be low and not high!

Merchants in other places are all profit-seeking, and Shangmo Bookstore does not have a decent store, and it cannot produce a book like "Shanhai Paradise", so it cannot grab them. "

Hua Chao's eyes were a little red: "So what? The price and quality of our books are here. Even if we can't get rich and rich, it's okay to keep flowing. I never thought about getting rich."


She never thought about being rich.

After getting along these days, she has fallen in love with her current life. Even if she can't get back her money after investing thousands of taels, she can at least support her family. It's not unacceptable to live like this for a lifetime.

Luo Ming shook his head: "Sister! I believe what you said, if you love money, you would have returned to the prime minister's mansion long ago. But... what do you want, does Ying Wuji want it?"

Hua Chao was finally moved: "What..."

Luo Ming sighed softly: "Sister! This Shangmo Bookstore was established by you and Ying Wuji. From the time he decided to win orders from various countries, you should understand that with this person's ambition, he is absolutely unwilling to lose power. proton.

You want to keep flowing, but is he willing to flow with you? Angela's Library