Chapter: 128

What's more, this matter is considered to be caused by you, are you sure he won't resent you in the future?

Or... do you have the heart to ruin Ying Wuji's hard work because of yourself? "

Hua Chao couldn't help but took two steps back. What Luo Ming said was something she had never considered before.

If Ying Wuji really resented himself for this matter, how should he deal with himself?

Luo Ming took a deep breath: "Although Dad advocates the theory of causing trouble, as long as you are not involved, he will never lower his self-worth to target a proton. Dad, Dad asked me to call you home for dinner. He always felt that he owed you You, if you go back, maybe the crisis of Shangmo Bookstore can be solved easily!"

Hua Chao: "..."

A moment later, Luo Ming was kicked out of the yard.

Hua Chao sat slumped on the stone bench, his eyes lost.


next morning.

After eating breakfast, Ying Wuji put the token in his arms, only feeling in a good mood.

After changing into loose clothes, I came to the study.

Xun Laogou still pretended to be smart as before, and got the token more smoothly than expected. But it's also a good preparation by myself. In the direct or indirect contact with Xun Zhiyin these days, I have hinted at him no less than a hundred times.

So now, just decide which book to copy in the end.

"Hedong Hexi can certainly mobilize emotions, but it's a bit nondescript in this era."

"Let's stick to "Strange Tales from a Liaozhai Studio". With the same theme, we can directly play "Shanhai Paradox". At that time, we can still catch its popularity. We can directly change the name to "Shanhui Paradox", and the pen name is Lan Lingsheng. When the time comes, we can directly advance Published, rubbed his scalp numb!"

After making the decision, he wrote at his desk.

With the blessing of the Awakening Talisman, the memory of "Strange Tales from a Liaozhai Studio" is extremely clear, just copy it.

But even so, it was evening after copying.

Ying Wuji put the book in his arms, and rushed towards Shangmo Bookstore with Bai Zhi.

When they arrived, they planned to call Wu Dan, Zhai Yun and Hua Chao to hold a meeting together, but Wu Dan and Zhai Yun arrived, but they couldn't find Hua Chao for a long time.

"Where's Miss Hua Chao?"


Mo Zhe at the side ran over: "Just now I saw Miss Hua Chao walking through the back door, as if she got into the carriage of the Prime Minister's Mansion!"

Ying Wuji: "???"

Evening sun slanted westward.

A carriage rumbled by, and the shadow was drawn long by the setting sun.

The carriage finally stopped at the door of the Prime Minister's Mansion, and Luo Ming opened the door curtain like a dog: "Sister! I'm home!"

A beautiful figure poked out from the carriage, looked at the plaque with the words "Luofu" hanging on the door of the mansion, pursued its lips and struggled.

In the end, Hua Chao sighed and jumped off the carriage. Angela's Library