Chapter: 130

Hua Chao took another sip as promised.

From the beginning to the end, it was Luo Yan persuading him, Hua Chao moved his chopsticks, and Luo Ming looked at his father and sister for a while, shrinking his neck and saying nothing.

Finally, Hua Chao put down his chopsticks: "Master Xiang, it's time for us to talk about business."

Luo Yan said with a smile: "This is a family banquet, let's not talk about business!"

Hua Chao's eyes shivered: "That's good! Since the family banquet is over, the little girl will leave!"


Luo Yan sighed: "You want to talk about Shangmo Bookstore, right?"

Hua Chao turned around, gritted his teeth and bowed: "Please, Xiangye, please show your hand and let Shangmo Bookstore go. Otherwise, if this matter gets out, it will not be good for Xiangye."

Luo Yan shook his head helplessly: "You are doing it for Ying Wuji!"

Hua Chao was noncommittal: "Shangmo Bookstore was created with the painstaking efforts of the two of us, and he is also an excellent person. No matter what, I can't bear to see Shangmo Bookstore fail."

Luo Yan sighed: "Now Qianguo Ying Wuque is at the top of the sky, but Ying Wuji is just a proton who has lost his power. Even if I have always advocated the enemy, there is no need to argue with him. But he absolutely shouldn't, and why? I provoked you. Hua Chao, do you know how worried Dad is?"

I have heard these remarks many times.

Hua Chao gritted his teeth: "Then how can Master Xiang release Shangmo Bookstore?"

Luo Yan looked at her daughter: "Leave Ying Wuji and go back to the prime minister's residence. As long as this is the case, I will definitely not make things difficult for Ying Wuji in the future, and I will even help him a bit."



Luo Yan nodded. In recent years, he has felt more and more that Qian State is a threat. If he can support Ying Wuji's lineage to grow, and find another opportunity to send him back to Qian State, he will be able to rely on the power of his mother clan to deal with Ying Wuque However, it is a good thing for Li Guo that the two sons of Qian State are fighting each other.

Of course, these are things for later, he just wants his daughter to go home now.

Looking at Hua Chao's current appearance, she was obviously shaken.

Hua Chao was indeed struggling in her heart, if this was the case, it must be very good for Ying Wuji, but at this moment, the scene of her mother's tears streaming down her face flashed in her mind again, which made her heart feel like a knife.

Luo Yan hit the iron while it was hot: "There is a courtyard in the Prime Minister's Mansion. I prepared it for you two. It has not been inhabited until now. You can live in it when the time comes. As long as you disagree, no one can go in and disturb it, including Dad. Inside. Usually you are completely free to come and go, as long as you come back to live at night!"

This way you don't have to see Luo Yan?

Hua Chao hesitated in her heart, and felt moved for the first time, mainly because she didn't want to see Ying Wuji's hard work go to waste.

But the shadow left by twenty-seven years was too great, she bit her lips tightly and did not speak. Angela's Library