Chapter: 131

Luo Yan hurriedly said: "That's right! Dad has prepared a surprise for you, do you want to see it?"

Luo Ming told her about this so-called surprise in the carriage.

She asked Luo Ming, but Luo Ming said that he didn't know, and only said that this thing could prove Luo Yan's expression towards her mother.

Hua Chao nodded: "Mmm..."

Luo Yan felt relieved, and finally smiled: "Wanqiu, come out!"

Hearing this name, Hua Chao's body trembled suddenly.

Because Wan Qiu is exactly his mother's name!


A gentle female voice sounded, and then a figure walked out from behind the screen.

She has long hair like satin, skin like snow, and a face like a 28-year-old girl, but she has a virtuous and gentle look that does not belong to this age. She should be in her early twenties.

The most important thing is that this woman has six points similar to Hua Chao's appearance, and is exactly the same as the mother in her impression.

Hua Chao was absent-minded for a moment, and his face became more and more ugly: "Who is she?"

"She, she..."

Luo Yan was a little nervous, organized his words before saying: "A few days ago, I met her when I went out to investigate people's conditions. From the first time I saw her, I knew she must be your mother's reincarnation! Hua Chao, go home Well, our family of three can live together again."

Hua Chao: "???"

Luo Yan: "Flowers..."

Hua Chao was trembling with anger: "Luo Yan! Are you shameless? My mother has only passed away a few years ago, how old is this woman, you say she is my mother's reincarnation?"

Luo Yan: "..."

Luo Ming: "..."

There was no color on his face.

Translation translation, what is a surprise?

What the hell, what a motherly surprise?

My father!

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