Chapter: 245

"There will be a chance." Aurora said in relief.

Lumian nodded and let out a "huh":

"Actually, we have fallen into a misunderstanding. Before Lent, not only are we afraid of intensifying conflicts, but the priests of the church are also afraid. They are not ready yet, and the ceremony has not yet begun."

That is to say, if he really wanted to inflict some irreversible injuries on Ponce Bene, the curate priest and the others would probably only pretend to want revenge and would not take any real action.

They will endure until Lent, no matter whether Lumian offends them or not, as soon as the Lent celebration "starts", the normal people in the whole village will be their targets.

Aurora understood what Lumian wanted to express, nodded lightly and said:

"You decide how to take revenge on Ponce Bene.

"The question we need to consider now is how we can survive until the twelfth night after the priests of the church have gained great power in Lent."

Lumian immediately fell into thinking about this question.

Aurora talked about her thoughts:

"At present, there are only two options. One is to join forces with those three foreigners, and the other is to find ways to improve myself."

She hesitated for a moment and said:

"If it can be determined that Mrs. Puares has nothing to do with the circulation and is trapped here, I can even cooperate with her properly."

"Huh?" Lumian was stunned.

Mrs. Puares is such a terrifying and evil Extraordinary!

Aurora sighed and said:

"A philosopher in my hometown said that when doing things, we must distinguish between the main contradiction and the secondary contradiction, and unite all forces that can be united.

"Well, there must be something wrong with the underground of the church, and there are key clues hidden. Before Lent, we must explore it, and I'm afraid there will be no chance after that."

As far as Auror knows, most churches in this world have underground areas, some are used to store sealed items, and some are used to bury the remains of important people. Although the church in Kordu Village has neither sealed items nor does it exist Important people who need to be buried, but when it was built, it was equipped with a large basement according to regulations.

"Okay." Lumian agreed, "I'll discuss it with those three foreigners tomorrow."

He turned to Raymond's form:

"Why did he only say a few words? Didn't he successfully summon his spirit?"

Aurora sighed again:

"Psychicism has a critical time point, within one hour after death.

"Over an hour, the spirit of the deceased will quickly dissipate, and there will no longer be the original memory. Only some thoughts, emotions and pictures that I can't let go of are left. In the professional terminology of my hometown, it is obsession."

Lumian nodded slightly:

"Wait for the next cycle, we summoned Raymond at the beginning, does it count as within an hour of death?

"No, why does Raymond have the memory of the last cycle?"

Only then did he discover the problem: After the cycle restarted, shouldn't Raymond forget about being drowned?

This stopped Auror from asking, and combined with her thinking in the ceremony, she said after deliberation: Angela's Library