Chapter: 246

"I think so.

"At this point in time, it's not yet Lent. According to the world line, Raymond has not been drowned at this time, so he shouldn't know who the murderer is, but because he lost his body, he can only exist in a spirit state. , is equal to death, and there will be residual obsessions, so the one we summoned just now remembers certain things that happened in the last cycle.

"To put it simply, Raymond's state has become special due to the loss of his body, so that there will be a certain memory retention when the cycle restarts!

"Hehe, this is a stuck bug."

The loop made a little mistake because Raymond's body was sacrificed? Lumian probably understood what her sister meant.

Aurora then smiled and said:

"From this point of view, the power that circulates us is very mechanical and dull. It should not be controlled by the original owner and is in a state of self-operation. Otherwise, Raymond's spirit can be dealt with in a targeted manner."

Having said that, she seems to be a little more relaxed:

"Haha, in this case, we still have some hope of breaking the cycle."

Infected by her sister's emotions, Lumian's gloomy state became clearer:

After so much effort, finally saw a little hope.

The two cooperated to pack up the altar, went up to the study on the second floor, and Aurora taught him the corresponding Hermes language and ancient Hermes language word by word according to the chaotic wrong ritual written by Lumian silently.

Some of this has already been mastered by Lumian, so his progress is not bad.

Under the bright light of the radio station, Aurora sometimes explained the pronunciation and structure of words to his younger brother, and sometimes used musk, cloves, blood and other materials to make the candles to be used later when he was consolidating his review.

While studying hard, Lumian occasionally raised his head and glanced at his sister who was busy beside him. He had the feeling of returning to the original warm life, no more cycles, no more evil spirits.

The night was quiet outside the window.


In the bedroom filled with light gray mist, Lumian woke up.

He quickly turned over and got out of bed, walked to the table, took out a pen and paper, and silently wrote down the ancient Hermes and Hermes words that he still remembered in the wrong order, and finally gave them the correct number.

After finishing this matter, Lumian breathed a sigh of relief and looked ahead.

There are four things placed on the wooden table near the window, one is two off-white musk candles made by Aurora (one with Lumian's blood, one without), the second is the bottle of gray amber perfume, the third is A metal vial containing tulip powder, and a silver dagger provided by Auror.

The lady sent it in for me... Seeing this scene, Lumian's heart immediately settled down a lot.

With these items in hand, he dug through Aurora's homemade incense, went down to the first floor, put them on the dining table, and went to the kitchen area to get a glass of water and a plate of coarse salt.

The materials related to the ceremony are now ready.

Before going to bed, Auror was worried that her younger brother didn’t have the corresponding symbols to pray for gifts, so she couldn’t draw them on the imitation parchment and burn them, so as to tell the target god about her desire, but think about it, since the mysterious lady didn’t mention it, it should be Just don't need it, after all, it is essentially praying to the power in Lumian's body, it can directly "listen" to all the prayer languages, and there is no need for additional "documents".

Looking at the items on the dining table, Lumian took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

He didn't hesitate any longer, and placed the off-white candle with his own blood on the place directly above the altar to represent the gods, while the other candle was placed in front of him.

After lighting the candles with spiritual friction in the order of first gods and later generations, Lumian consecrated the ritual silver dagger and created a spiritual wall without being too skilled.

As spirituality erupted from the tip of the ritual silver dagger, hooking up the surrounding air, he somehow had the feeling that this is mysticism.

Soon, the wall of spirituality was completed, and Lumian's spirituality was also hollowed out by half. Angela's Library