Chapter: 256

Liya smiled and replied:

"The lady didn't seem to want to pursue it, so she didn't show up."

Sure enough... Lumian looked around and saw no one around, so he told the three official investigators about his sister's deduction about Mrs. Puares's route and her guess about Prieter's identity.

Valentine's face was extremely ugly when he heard that, while Liya was a little excited.

Lane recalled:

"There are relatively few witches in Reston Province. We don't have enough information about this, but the higher-ups should be very clear. I will send a telegram to tell you about Mrs. Puares later, um, only Mrs. Puares There is a picture of Prieter in his room, but there is no Puares in the Rockfalls."

Seeing the question on Lumian's face of "why is it clear from above", Ryan added:

"In Intis, things related to witches often happen."

So, my sister's "pen pal" is also in Intis? Lumian nodded and said instead:

"At present, Mrs. Pouaris seems to have nothing to do with the cycle, and she seems to have a certain awareness of the cycle, which may be the reason why she didn't pursue our search of the castle.

"Is it possible that we join forces with her in some way?"

Valentine blurted out immediately:

"How can you cooperate with such an evil and filthy person who is scarier than the devil?"

Lumian didn't even look at him, but turned to Ryan and Liya.

Seeing that they were also a little hesitant, he sincerely bewitched:

"Limited cooperation, only within the loop.

"When this damn cycle is broken, you can deal with her however you want!

"You can even tell her directly about this, I believe she can understand and accept it."

Ryan thought for a few seconds, patted Valentine's shoulder, and said to Lumian:

"Indeed, the most important thing right now is to break the cycle. However, we are still not sure about that lady's attitude, and we dare not come to her directly. I'm afraid we will have to trouble you or your sister to communicate and ask."

"Okay." Lumian immediately agreed.

He intended to go by himself.

After discovering that Mrs. Puares might have had an abnormal, deformed feeling for his sister, he did not want to leave her alone with her.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Valentine kept a straight face, neither agreeing nor objecting.

Lumian looked around again:

"There are three more clues..."

He told in detail about Raymond, Jean Maury, and the "tomb" that the owl flew into.

Liya was quite surprised to hear this:

"How did you get so many clues so quickly?"

She wondered if there was something wrong with this guy or his sister, so the surroundings were full of abnormalities and clues everywhere.

Who is a professional investigator? How did we not find out?

"Why didn't you keep the memory of the previous two cycles." Lumian smiled and spread his hands.

Liya nodded and accepted the explanation.

Ryan thought about it for a few seconds, then said in a deep voice:

"Then we have to investigate the underground of the church as soon as possible.

"Well, it may be very dangerous there. You should contact Mrs. Puares first. If she joins you, you will be much more confident." Angela's Library