Chapter: 255

Lumian answered frankly:

"I'm looking for Jean Maury."

Sybil, who had plump cheeks and soft facial features, replied indifferently:

"he is not at home."

"Then do you know where he went?" Lumian asked.

Sybil said calmly:

"We had a quarrel last night, he probably left Kordu and doesn't want to come back for a short time."

Hearing this, Lumian frowned, feeling that something bad had happened.

Obviously, Jean Maury can't leave the village of Cordu, that would trigger a cycle and lead to a restart!

While thinking about it, Lumian showed a playful expression:

"Why are you arguing? I heard it was you and the priest..."

He didn't describe it in words, but he punched his right palm with his left fist.

Sybil's expression turned cold, and she cursed in a deep voice:


"Get out of my house!"

Lumian let out a "tsk tsk" and left Jean Maury's house.

After walking a distance, the smile on his face disappeared instantly.

In fact, he didn't want to ask about Sibyl's affair with the parish priest. He had even seen the parish priest and Mrs. Pouaris naked, so what else was there to ask?

But don't ask, it doesn't fit his image in the eyes of the villagers, and he has come to "visit" at the door. If you don't get angry, is the hostess still the prank king of Kordu Village?

Therefore, Lumian had to ask, otherwise he might be suspected.

Fixed images of characters are sometimes useful and sometimes troublesome.

Combining the behavior style of the priest and the information he possessed, Lumián suspected that Jean Maury did not become dumb because he found out about the affair, but discovered something else.

He was probably poisoned alive!

I have to find that guy quickly, he is looking for someone to complain, maybe he will die like the previous one, no, he has disappeared... The more Lumian thinks about it, the more likely something happened to Jean Morrie.

The villager who went to Daliege to inform the police fell to his death for no reason!

Just as Lumian was making a last-ditch effort to find Jean Maury, he met Ryan, Lia, and Valentine who were "hanging out" in the village.

They were still wearing their original clothes.

"Good morning, my cabbages." Lumian greeted them with a smile.

As soon as the two sides approached, he immediately asked in a low voice:

"Are you okay yesterday?" Angela's Library