Chapter: 149

Li Jinglong entered the door and took a few steps before realizing that Jiang Xinghuo was carving wood with the gold carving knife he gave him.

"What is Jiang Lang doing?"

"I learned a short story when I was in school." Jiang Xinghuo was still carving wood, and answered irrelevantly, "It's called the death of Archimedes."


"Archimedes was an ancient mathematician in the Far West. When he died, the construction of Daqin's Afang Palace had just begun."

"How did he die?" Zhu Gaoxu asked curiously.

"The city where Archimedes was located was breached, but he didn't know it. He was still obsessed with thinking about mathematics. Enemy soldiers broke into Archimedes' house and saw a soldier who was buried in the ground. The figure was trampled, and Archimedes angrily told the soldiers, "Don't break my circle!", and the soldiers drew out their daggers and killed it."

Li Jinglong asked inexplicably according to his habitual thinking.

"Why didn't he run away?"

"Do you think they are all the same as you?" Zhu Gaoxu asked disappointedly.

Li Jinglong immediately showed a depressed and uneasy look, his face was covered with a layer of gray, and he said some words, this time they were all "backward attack", "victory turn", some incomprehensible words.

At this time, Zhu Gaoxu just made a gesture of laughing, and the inside and outside of the cell were filled with a happy atmosphere.

Li Jinglong couldn't bear Zhu Gaoxu's ridicule, and quickly changed the subject: "What does Jiang Lang's story mean?"

"That's what it means." Jiang Xinghuo finally finished carving a part, and stuffed it under the pile of straw, "You must pretend to be a big one before you die, so that you can leave your name in history."

Jiang Xinghuo blew on the sawdust in his hand, looked up and asked.

"Let's not talk about this. Tell me, what difficulties did you two encounter when you came here? Jiang is a dying person. If there is anyone who can help you two, you will know everything."

Zhu Gaoxu and Li Jinglong looked at each other, but they gave way to each other instead.

"You are old, you come first, I respect the old."

"You ask me first, I love children."

In the end, Zhu Gaoxu, who looked older than the well-maintained Li Jinglong with a beard, stayed, and Li Jinglong avoided it for a moment.

"Mr. Jiang, that..." Zhu Gaoxu looked a little embarrassed.

"You have a friend? Having trouble with that?"

"No, no." Zhu Gaoxu waved his hand, "That's right, you know my family conditions."

"So you're here to show off your wealth to a dying man?"

Jiang Xinghuo's sentence was approaching, and he was obviously in a good mood, he asked jokingly.

"Hey, what did Mr. Jiang say? It's like this..."

After some of his narration, Jiang Xinghuo probably understood his distress.

It's simple and simple, it's nothing more than the little thing about inheritance rights in a wealthy family.

Although he is currently locked up in prison as a defeated and captured general of the Southern Army, his father, as a veteran Hong Wuxungui, is naturally someone in the court who is easy to talk to and prefers him, so he plans to buy off the joints to save him. His "supervisor and beheader" got out of prison.

And he intends to perform well at the upcoming family banquet in order to gain his father's affirmation. Angela's Library