Chapter: 150

But according to him, his elder brother is very smart, at least much smarter than him. In such a situation where he couldn't use force, he felt a little timid, fearing that if he lost his timidity, he would be at a disadvantage.

"It's not easy to stand up?"

Jiang Xinghuo patted Zhu Gaoxu's thigh, and said affirmatively, "I have a good idea."

"Mr. Jiang, speak quickly."

Zhu Gaoxu was overjoyed, this is the advice of the exiled immortal, it must be a wonderful plan that can be encountered but not sought.

"Ah yes yes yes."

"What?" Zhu Gaoxu was taken aback.

"That is, no matter what your elder brother said, you just need to pretend to be confident and pause for a moment, then smile, use a condescending look, and follow up with a little sarcasm, 'Ah, yes, yes, yes', and that's it."

Zhu Gaoxu asked in a low voice: "Doesn't that make me seem very uninitiated?"

"Don't you realize that you are already invincible?"

"What do you mean by Mr. Jiang's words?"

"If your elder brother said something wrong, he was the one who said it first. He was the first to take the blame. You can interpret your follow suit as a mockery based on your father's reaction."

"Your elder brother is right, and you are right with him. At least you didn't make a mistake, and you look confident, and it will make people think that you have already thought of this long ago."

"So it is!" Zhu Gaoxu suddenly realized.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at Jiang Xinghuo with admiration.

Is this the advice from the Banished Immortal?

Sure enough, he is much smarter than himself!

It seems that my performance at the Great Court Meeting this time will definitely satisfy my father!

The plan was so perfect that it was absolutely foolproof.

Yes, it is foolproof!

"Mr. Jiang, I understand what you mean, and I will definitely follow what you said."


Zhu Gaoxu left the cell with an excited face, and then Li Jinglong, who was guarding the door, turned in.

"Jiang Lang, it's like this..."

His confusion is obviously different from the previous one.

His confusion was that he didn't want to show off.

Yes, because his crime was relatively minor, he was just covering up a fugitive, and it didn't take long for him to get out.

And in the future there will be a meeting that he has to attend, but he doesn't want to show any limelight at the meeting, he just wants to be a transparent person.

But he had inherited the title. As a nobleman with a high status, he didn't know what to do if he was asked to speak at the meeting.

So I came here to ask Jiang Xinghuo how to avoid showing off without doing wrong things or saying wrong things. Angela's Library