Chapter: 153

The king of Gu, Zhu Su, thought to himself: "According to the secret report from the old Ministry of the imperial court, Li Jinglong was secretly imprisoned by Zhu Di and entered the imperial prison a few days ago. Why did he come out now?"

"There must be some weirdness in it. The fourth brother is cruel and ruthless. During the Jingnan period, the king and Li Jinglong also fought against him in the early stage, and opened the door for him to surrender in the later stage...Since the fourth brother has already attacked Li Jinglong, it is impossible to guarantee that he will not attack the king. Let's do it."

"Besides, the matter of cutting down the vassals is clearly aimed at us vassal kings. The commanders of the five armies gather troops in the Central Plains, and King Qin and King Jin will suffer."

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