Chapter: 153

The king of Gu, Zhu Su, thought to himself: "According to the secret report from the old Ministry of the imperial court, Li Jinglong was secretly imprisoned by Zhu Di and entered the imperial prison a few days ago. Why did he come out now?"

"There must be some weirdness in it. The fourth brother is cruel and ruthless. During the Jingnan period, the king and Li Jinglong also fought against him in the early stage, and opened the door for him to surrender in the later stage...Since the fourth brother has already attacked Li Jinglong, it is impossible to guarantee that he will not attack the king. Let's do it."

"Besides, the matter of cutting down the vassals is clearly aimed at us vassal kings. The commanders of the five armies gather troops in the Central Plains, and King Qin and King Jin will suffer."

"No, this king must not stand still!"

Gu Wang Zhu Wei glanced at Miyagi gloomyly, and secretly made up his mind.

Regardless of what everyone thinks, the grand court meeting with strict regulations and a large scale will soon begin.

The civil and military officials passed through the Inner Five Dragon Bridge according to their order and rank, and entered Fengtianmen under the watchful eyes of the big Han generals of Jinyiwei.

Afterwards, the Jinwu Guards led by the third prince Zhu Gaosui personally guarded between Danchi and Fengtianmen.

"Regardless of His Majesty the Emperor, I will serve Gan Nahu and serve Heaven forever!"

Under the leadership of the ceremonial officer, all the officials saluted several times, and at the end they knelt and sang the mountain call in praise. All the officials clapped their hands together and shouted "Long live, long live, long live". sky.

Zhu Di was dressed in a crown, and solemnly ascended to his seat, and the bells on both sides gradually stopped.

Two chairs were placed on the golden steps, the eldest prince Zhu Gaochi was at the top, the second prince Zhu Gaoxu sat at the bottom, and the third prince Zhu Gaosui was wearing a strong and sharp guard, leading the Jinwu Guard to guard in the hall.

Zhu Di nodded slightly, and the watch announcer at the bottom of the golden steps immediately understood, and read out the imperial edict prepared in advance.

As soon as the imperial decree of "Slave labor into the mother" was read out, the entire Fengtian Hall became extremely silent, and needles could be heard.

But this kind of silence didn't last long, and soon there was a "buzzing" sound like flies flapping their wings in the hall. It was the sound of officials whispering and whispering uncontrollably.

Immediately afterwards, there were random protests and ridicule wrapped in the crowd.

This is generally the necessary pre-casting time before the civil servants zoom in on the "dead remonstrance".

After a while, one or several petty officials with extremely hard bones will stand up under the instruction of some behind-the-scenes minister or servant, twisting their necks and begging to be beaten.

The second prince, Zhu Gaoxu, was staring at Li Jinglong, the head of the officials below him, with a face full of shock.

"No wonder Father is so indifferent to the news about Iwami Silver Mine and Sado Gold Mine that I reported."

"Damn it, it's you, an old boy, who secretly told Father the content of Mr. Jiang's lecture!"

"Not being a son of man! That's my credit! My credit!"

Just when Zhu Gaoxu was berating Li Jinglong in his heart, Zhu Di's voice came leisurely.

"What does the Second Prince think about this matter?"

Zhu Gaoxu, who had practiced all night, stood up with his head held high, and with a condescending look, with a smile of three points of contempt, three points of contempt, three points of ridicule, and one point of sympathy, he said to Zhu Di confidently.

"Ah yes yes yes..."


Father, why don't you play your cards according to the routine?

Father, shouldn't you ask elder brother first?

After I finish asking, brother, I'll say my lines. Angela's Library