Chapter: 152

From the Hongwu Gate at the southern end of the imperial city to the imperial road in the middle of Chengtian Gate, there are five stone bridges named "Waiwulong Bridge". ".

On both sides of the imperial road between Hongwumen and Waiwulong Bridge is the central government office area of ​​the Ming Dynasty. hospital etc.

At this moment, in the Five Armies Governor's Mansion, Qiu Fu, Duke of Qi, Zhu Neng, Duke of Cheng, and Wang Ning, Marquis of Yongchun, the heavyweight supporters of the second prince Zhu Gaoxu, were sitting together.

But Cao Guogong Li Jinglong, who theoretically ranks first among the hundred officials, sits far away on the other avoid suspicion.

Jing Nan's hero is the first, Qiu Fu, a veteran who is over sixty years old, has a gray beard and hair, a burly figure, and a bold and unrestrained personality. He doesn't care whether Li Jinglong is here or not, and speaks directly to Zhu Gaoxu.

"Your Majesty will definitely make a big move today. What's the Second Prince's plan?"

Zhu Gaoxu just changed into Prince Mou's clothes, combed his beard, and said with a confident look.

"Don't worry, Mr. Qiu, I got the guidance of the exiled immortal, and I will definitely not go wrong this time."

"A banished immortal?"

Marquis Yongning and Prince Consort Wang Ning were sitting on chairs, slightly surprised when they heard the words.

"Not bad!" Zhu Gaoxu looked extremely confident.

Can't trust other people, can't you trust Mr. Jiang?

The second hero of Jing Nan, Zhu Neng, who is only in his thirties now, has a cautious personality but makes decisive decisions in every major event. He persuaded with a serious face: "Is Your Highness too confident? You should think about it again, right?"

"What is there to consider?"

Zhu Gaoxu smiled slightly, and said: "Masters, let's just look at my performance this time."

Seeing Zhu Gaoxu's self-confidence, Qiu Fu and the others thought that he had got inside information about Zhu Di and pretended to be an exiled immortal, so they stopped persuading him.

Only Li Jinglong, who was drinking tea on one side, put down his teacup and cast a suspicious look.

What did Jiang Lang teach him?

Li Jinglong shook his head and was no longer curious, leaving him alone, he just needs to be a good wooden man.

Jiang Lang's ingenious trick, I have this trick of "Staying like a chicken", and I will definitely not go wrong again.

Li Jinglong doesn't want to make mistakes or make meritorious deeds at all. He now knows too many secrets about Zhu Di, and he was Zhu Di's deadly enemy before. Zhu Di will not let him go.

Zhu Di promoted him to the position of the top of the officials, and he deliberately wanted to praise and kill him until he made a mistake. Li Jinglong knew it very well, so he chose to protect his life wisely and cut off contact with civil officials. Zhu Di did what Zhu Di asked him to do.

"Emperor Yong Le will definitely not target him this time... Hey, handsome people are indeed very malicious in this world." Li Jinglong walked out of the five-army governor's mansion and touched his handsome face. face murmured.

"Duke Cao?"

Li Jinglong stopped in his tracks, and looked at the person coming.

The person in front of him was the King of Gu, Zhu Wei. This year, when the Yan army crossed the river and soldiers came to the city of Nanjing, it was the King of Gu, Zhu Wei, who opened the Jinchuan Gate together with him, and welcomed Zhu Di into the city of Nanjing to proclaim himself emperor. friendship.

"His Royal Highness, what's wrong?"

"No, it's nothing, just say hello, let's go to the Dachaohui together."

Li Jinglong turned sideways slightly, but it meant to avoid suspicion, and Gu Wang Zhu Sui was just being polite, so he walked away by himself.

But while Gu Wang Zhu Su was walking, he couldn't help but look back at Li Jinglong. Angela's Library