Chapter: 155

At this time, he seemed to have turned into a wooden man, staring blankly at Zhu Gaoxu who was walking in front of him, motionless.

Even the link that was supposed to communicate the script with a blink of an eye was omitted.

Seeing Li Jinglong like this, Zhu Gaoxu didn't turn his head around, but the fucking atmosphere is here, can he stuff it back in his crotch? Bite the bullet and go up.

At this moment, Zhu Gaoxu began to invite God, and invited Jiang Xinghuo from three days ago.

"Duke Cao!"

"You are the head of all officials, do you know that the world has been in hard labor for two thousand years?"

"Chen Sheng and Wu Guang said indignantly: "By using my younger brother to order not to beheaded, and guarding the dead for sixteen or seventeen, why not make a big deal and punish the violent Qin?!"

"When the Sui Dynasty was conscripted, Zhi Shilang wrote "The Song of Death in the Waves of Wuxiang Liaodong": For example, if Liaodong dies, how can he be hurt by beheading? I would rather be a bandit in the mountains than Liaodong Lang!"

"The suffering of corvée is ten times that of taxation!!"

Speaking of excitement, Zhu Gaoxu raised his arms and pointed at the civil servants cowering behind Li Jinglong.

"If you don't believe me, why don't you go to the villages, towns, and cities all over the world and ask them one by one. If there is any possibility that the head of the family will not go, he is willing to leave his wife and children to serve in corvee?"

Seeing a civil official opening his mouth to speak, Zhu Gaoxu directly snatched the two-handed saber used for ceremonial guards from the hand of his third brother Zhu Gaosui who was wearing a bright armor beside him.

Tang Yi Dao is one of the four types of sabers. It is loaded with gold and silver and held by Yu Yi. It is also called "Qian Niu Dao" because it is commonly used by Qian Niu Wei. It is the predecessor of Miao Dao and Qi Jia Dao.

If Jiang Xinghuo was here, he would definitely blurt out: "Isn't this the knife of Lay Jia Qian?"

At this time, Zhu Gaoxu picked up the long knife as tall as a person with one hand, and looked around.

The civil servants shrank like quails and were silent.

"You officials and lords, don't you just want to suffer the common people? Huh?"

"It's obviously an economic account. The court has more taxes, and the people have less corvee. Just because you think you gentry don't need to serve corvee, so the people are humiliating you if you don't do corvee?"

"I bother!"

"Let me tell you, there is another word in the world."

"Er Tsao's body and name are all destroyed, and the rivers and rivers will not be destroyed forever!"

"The abolition of corvee is the inevitable trend of history!"

"Your Majesty's benevolent government is the merit of all the people!"

"Anyone who opposes servitude is going against the general trend of history, and will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame!"

"Anyone who opposes servitude to the mother is against all the people in the world, and will be scolded to death by pointing at the spine!"

"I'm done! Who agrees? Who opposes?!"

"Those who oppose, stand up now!"

Under the threat of the long knife in Zhu Gaoxu's hand, no one is stupid enough to stand up now.

"Look, there's no objection."

"enough!" Angela's Library