Chapter: 156

Zhu Di finally made the case.

I don't know whether it is to call the case to stop, or to call the case to praise.

"Roar before the imperial court, who gave your bear heart and leopard courage? Jin Wuwei, pull out the Wumen court staff! Beat to death!"

"Follow your father's will!"

The third prince Zhu Gaoxu winked, and led several Jinwu guards to escort Zhu Gaoxu out.

After Zhu Gaoxu was pulled away, the civil servants, who were covered in cold sweat, had time to look at the tall and tall figure of Yuan Ting and Yue Zhi with eyes of admiration and admiration.

It is him who has portrayed the character of Qin and Han with practical actions.

It's him who tells His Majesty what it means to be unafraid of power with practical actions.

It was him, who protected everyone's lives with his unyielding figure in the face of the violent second prince.

In the face of long knives and threats, Cao Guogong will not retreat a step!

Ah~ praise Cao Guogong!

"Cao Guogong, you did a good job, you don't owe me that hard hearted leopard."

Zhu Di suddenly said something inexplicably, and then signaled the censor in the palace to lead the officials to organize their formation.

Only then did Li Jinglong retreat from the state of "stuck as a chicken", but when he turned his head, what greeted him were the admiring gazes of countless officials.

So, Jiang Lang, has this already been in your calculations?

He didn't make a mistake to hurt Zhu Di's face, but also protected the officials to do what they should do. Without making any meritorious deeds or expressing their opinions, they pushed forward the promotion of the servitude.

"Hiss~" Li Jinglong thought to himself, "It's you, Jiang Lang!"

The second prince's performance was over, Zhu Di gave a slight signal to Zhu Gaochi, and Zhu Gaochi, who had been prepared for a long time, took out the detailed policy rules for the provision of labor into the mu from his sleeve.

"The distribution of labor into the mu will be piloted by the Susong Jiahu prefectures..."

"Acres of land are regardless of their nature. Except for the military land where military service is used instead of corvee, regardless of the land belonging to the royal family, vassal kings, nobles, and government offices, it is strictly implemented to divide the land into mu."

"Each chief envoy has a supervisory censor leading a team to inspect. In principle, the origin of the members of the inspection team should be more than three thousand miles away from the inspected chief envoy."

"Nanjing Jinyiwei and Jinyiwei from all over the world will follow His Majesty's will and conduct spot checks on the implementation of stalls into mu."

"According to the "Emperor Ming's Ancestral Instructions", officials at all levels should actively cooperate with the clearing of the land this year, and should not shirk and delay. Those who hide the land, throw it away, send the land, etc., need to inform the government. Violators... The three tribes of Yi!"


When Zhu Gaoxu was lying on the long bench, looking sideways at the dejected officials, who looked like their dead mothers, filed out.

The Jinwu Guard behind him was raising the board high, and it fell gently with the sound of howling wind, making a huge "pop" sound.

Qiu Fu, Duke of Qi, Zhu Neng, Duke of Cheng, and Wang Ning, Marquis of Yongchun, surrounded Zhu Gaoxu talking excitedly.

But Cao Guogong Li Jinglong didn't avoid suspicion this time. He carried the hem of his official robe and walked in front of Zhu Gaoxu in a graceful manner.

Li Jinglong asked in disbelief: "Jiang Lang taught you all of this?"

Zhu Gaoxu's performance today was perfect. Angela's Library