Chapter: 158

Zhu Gaosui held the smashed walnuts in the palm of his hand and offered them to Empress Xu, and then interjected.

"Then Jiang Xinghuo didn't realize it now? Or did he always know that you and the emperor were eavesdropping on him giving the lecture to the second brother, and deliberately pretended not to know that these words were actually said on purpose for the emperor to hear?"

Seeing that Zhu Di remained silent, Empress Xu couldn't help adding: "Didn't Yuan Gong go to meet him? What was the result?"

"Talk one by one."

Zhu Di finally spoke, and he first looked up at Empress Xu who was standing there.

"Yuan Gong told me that he is not good enough to get along with each other."

"Then let him go to have a photo session for the last time tomorrow."

Empress Xu is straightforward, resolute and resolute like her father, General Xu Da.

Zhu Di nodded, who knows if the old man Yuan Gong is playing tricks... Then he looked at Zhu Gaosui who was squatting beside him and smashing walnuts.

"Whether Jiang Xinghuo didn't realize that I was eavesdropping, whether he said it to me on purpose or not, it doesn't matter!"

"The important thing is that Daming benefits from it, understand?"

Seeing Zhu Gaosui nodding heavily, Zhu Di just looked at Zhu Gaochi for the last time.

"It's easy to find a reason to postpone the sentence. Let the Qin Tianjian play it, just talk about the celestial phenomenon... Heaven and man feel that it is not easy to kill, so I decided to delay the autumn execution. Can't Jiang Xinghuo be released now?"

But Zhu Gaochi said: "Father, isn't Jiang Xinghuo very interested in conquering Japan? Why not let him do whatever he wants."

Zhu Di was startled, he had never thought about it.

If Jiang Xinghuo is released from prison, can he really use this exiled immortal to do things?

It's not impossible for the emperor to appoint a banished immortal.

The story in "Wu Wang's Fighting Zhou Ping Hua", which is everywhere in the Ming Dynasty, is not about the Xibohou Jichang who won the luck of the emperor, and reused Jiang Ziya, who was demoted to the mortal world, as his grand master.

Following this line of thinking, Zhu Di's thoughts diverged.

"It's not just about conquering Japan. If Jiang Xinghuo is released from prison, he will be the best at many things...Because he is the teacher who lectures, and it stands to reason that he understands what he is talking about the most. "

"It may not be released tomorrow. I always feel that Jiang Xinghuo still has a lot of extremely precious knowledge that he hasn't said. After all, Jiang Xinghuo's accident has to be considered. If he is released tomorrow, he will just 'swish' and directly explain the truth." Did the earth ascend?"

"Then I still have a lot of knowledge that I haven't heard, isn't it a direct loss?"

"Father thinks carefully, we really can't wishful thinking." Zhu Gaochi made tea for several people, "At least I feel that Mr. Jiang's important knowledge is definitely more than what he said so far."

"For example?" Zhu Gaosui handed Zhu Di a freshly smashed walnut and asked while looking at his elder brother.

"For example, the 'subtropical cyclone' we talked about today is just a sentence, but do you know, third brother, if Kublai Khan knows this sentence and understands that naval warfare and land warfare are not the same, the surrounding areas of several islands in Japan , hurricanes are blowing in autumn... Maybe Japan has long been a chief envoy of Ming Dynasty, just like Dali, which was defeated by the Yuan Dynasty, has become part of the chief envoy of Yunnan."

Zhu Gaosui was a little unbelievable. As the head of the secret service responsible for monitoring the clan, vassal kings, and nobles, he certainly knew about the existence of Jiang Xinghuo, but he hadn't attended the class.

If Jiang Xinghuo's words were heard by Kublai Khan, could history be changed?

To destroy a country with one word, is this the ability of a banished immortal?

Zhu Gaosui was terrified for a moment.

Zhu Di didn't know what his son was thinking, he chewed a walnut and said vaguely. Angela's Library