Chapter: 157

And such a perfect Zhu Gaoxu is obviously beyond his ability.

And since Jiang Xinghuo taught himself the trick of "stuck like a chicken", so that he can get through the difficulties without meritorious deeds and mistakes, Zhu Gaoxu's performance is also the result of Jiang Xinghuo's guidance.

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned when he heard the words, isn't this nonsense?

You were there when it was said that the laborers were entering the mother's house. If it wasn't Mr. Jiang who taught it, it must be you who taught it.

At this moment, Zhu Gaoxu was still jealous of Li Jinglong's first report to Zhu Di, but he didn't want to talk to Li Jinglong.

Zhu Gaoxu grinned with his head sideways on the long bench, and said to Li Jinglong confidently with a smile of three points of contempt, three points of contempt, three points of ridicule, and one point of sympathy.

"Ah yes yes yes..."

In early autumn, the wind is cool and the sweet-scented osmanthus is in full bloom.


A spiked arrow nailed the red heart of the target hanging on the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, and the wings trembled endlessly.

"Queen's sharp shot."

Zhu Di, who came back from the dawn ceremony, sat on the stone pier, folded his hands and praised with a smile.

Empress Xu put down her short bow in front of her, and her eyebrows and eyes were also crooked.

Empress Xu is tall and tall, wearing a light purple palace dress and a cloak of the same color. Her long black hair was coiled into a gorgeous bun, with three or four golden osmanthus pearl hairpins inserted, which made her already fair skin even more delicate.

Looking at the oldest son who was boiling water and making tea, and at the third son who was smashing walnuts with a pumpkin hammer, Empress Xu finally asked with a glance at the pile of memorials on the stone table.

"This is Xu'er's third memorial. Why didn't His Majesty approve it?"

Zhu Di picked up the memorial and handed it to Empress Xu, but Empress Xu turned sideways to avoid it.

Zhu Di had no choice but to throw the memorial back on the stone table, and said: "This brat took the information from Mr. Jiang to claim credit. The map is not as detailed as Li Jinglong's. Why should I care about him? Besides, yesterday evening was not Already approved 'Got it' to him?"

Empress Xu turned sideways and did not move, still looking at Zhu Di, Zhu Di had no choice but to pick up the pen again, approved "I have read it", and handed it to the trusted eunuch beside him.

"Go, send to prison."

Empress Xu looked at the two sons who were pretending to be stupid, and asked the real question.

"Then what is His Majesty going to do with this Mr. Jiang who is suspected of being a banished immortal?"

Contrary to Empress Xu's expectations, her husband, who had always had his own ideas, also fell into entanglement at this time.

"To be honest, I don't know how to deal with it."

"Regardless of whether Jiang Xinghuo is a banished immortal or not, I am reluctant to kill him."

"Even if Jiang Xinghuo is a mortal body now, he may not be able to pose any threat to me and Daming, but how can I be willing to give up the vision and amazing knowledge in his mind that seem to overlook the long river of history and see through the fog of the future?"

"Not to mention anything else, let's just talk about the 'silver banknotes' that I will talk about at noon. I have never heard of even this concept, but Jiang Xinghuo is sure that money can conquer people's hearts and maintain the empire's thousand- year hegemony."

"Just thinking about it makes me feel very novel and looking forward to it. What's more, Jiang Xinghuo's things are often unbelievable at first, but after listening to his lectures carefully, I feel that they are really full of wisdom. .”

Seeing that Zhu Di began to praise Jiang Xinghuo constantly, Empress Xu winked.

"Even if there are still two days left before the sentence, it's time to behead." Seeing his mother's wink, Zhu Gaochi interrupted helplessly, "If you don't kill, there must be a passable reason, otherwise the sentence will be postponed suddenly or you will get an unexpected commutation and pardon. Mr. Jiang will definitely realize that there is a problem here." Angela's Library