Chapter: 289

Tian Jingzhi couldn't understand at all: "What do you mean?"

"Do you still remember what caused the car accident the night before you?"

"A car accident?"

"Yes, there was a red sports car that ran a red light, do you remember?"

Tian Jingzhi thought about it carefully. Of course she remembered what happened before the car accident. After being reminded by this person, she remembered that if a red sports car hadn't run a red light, that truck would not have hit her when it was passing normally. .

She looked at the person in front of her in surprise, and the more she thought about it, the more frightened she became, and she felt that the car accident was not as simple as they imagined.

The delinquent boy saw that she had calmed down, so he didn't press her down. If he crushed the meat bun in her stomach, it would break. He sat down and pulled her up, loosened the scarf around her neck kindly, and stretched out his hand: "Let me introduce myself, my name is Yun Zhen. You can call me baby, dear, Darling, Hani."


"The cloud of clouds, the ultimate perfection."

"Oh." Tian Jingzhi hastily separated the relationship, explaining: "Dizzy needle, I have broken up with Xue Lingqiao, he is now my ex-boyfriend."

"Really?" Yun Zhen suddenly showed an excited expression, "Then your child has no father, how about I be your child's father? I am the same kind as Xue Lingqiao, and I am also very powerful."

"You want to be a father?"

"Yes, I want to be a father." Yun Zhen excitedly said, "I'm handsome too."

"I know, I'm beautiful too."

"We were made for each other."

"Yes...ah, no, dizzy, I'm a bit confused, who are you?"

Tian Jingzhi covered her face silently. Yun Zhen was good-looking, but she couldn't accept love between young and old... No love between young and old is not a problem, the problem is who is older. She originally thought that Xue Lingqiao would be unimaginable enough. He hadn't met one of his kind for more than five hundred years. She met him when she went out to buy a pregnancy test stick. Even though the life of the second female lead was more ups and downs than that of the first female lead, she felt sorry for her second female lead's life.

Yun Zhen rubbed her chin and thought about it for a long time before deciding to tell the whole story, and said, "I think you can keep a secret, so let me tell you. Your ex-boyfriend is not the only genetic mutant in the world, except for me. There are others, but not many. But not everyone is as kind as me, there are many perverts. I am over 300 years old, 200 years younger than Xue Lingqiao, and I am still a fresh meat. Obviously we are more compatible, generation gap a bit less."

There is a generation gap in three years, and she doesn't count the dozens of generation gaps.

Tian Jingzhi waved his hand and said sleepily: "Forget it, even if you want to be a happy father, I haven't decided whether to give birth to the child yet."

Yun Zhen was surprised: "Why don't you give birth? Give birth! We have evolved into superhumans who are more advanced than humans. Although we look the same, we are no longer a species. I have made so many girlfriends, and none of them able to bear children."

Tian Jingzhi was very curious: "Then there should be women in your group."

"I had a girlfriend named Jenny before, and she couldn't have children. Our genetic mutation has evolved to such a degree that it cannot be inherited, and I don't know the specific reason."

Tian Jingzhi understood, and asked speechlessly: "You came to me just because I can have children?"

"Yes, I want a child too. After you have given birth to this, please give me one too." Yun Zhen clasped her hands together, begging her very cutely, "Our child must be very cute." Angela's Library