Chapter: 290


Tian Jingzhi thought it was ridiculous, but he was sleepy, so he was really sleepy.

Yun Zhen drove his future girlfriend home.

After Xue Lingqiao returned home, she thought that Feng Dongdong drove Tian Jingzhi out, so she didn't take it to heart, until Feng Dongdong called and asked Miss Tian if she wanted to have some snacks.

Tian Jingzhi drove out alone, if he fell asleep in the car halfway, it would be terrible.

Xue Lingqiao was about to go out with his coat when he heard the sound of parking outside, and then he felt something was wrong. There were two heartbeats outside, one belonged to Tian Jingzhi, and the other was silent.

Yun Zhen is a good person to the end, she is his future girlfriend after all, he took the key and took her home.

He hummed a song, put Tian Jingzhi on the sofa, and was about to find a blanket when he heard the sound of a fist blowing in his ears. He tilted his head to avoid the punch, and he slid a few meters away in an instant. Jumping, deftly hanging upside down on the spiral staircase like a fox, watching his assailant.

Xue Lingqiao touched Tian Jingzhi's breath to make sure that she was just asleep, and still stared at Yun Zhen with fear.

"who are you?"

"This is not your house, who do you care who I am?" Yun Zhen was not angry either, she straightened her body with a hook of her feet, sat on the stairs and looked down at him, "Miss Tian broke up with you, I chased her, followed her Do you have anything to do with it?"

"Are you the same as me?"

Xue Lingqiao almost used the word shock to describe it. He hadn't met the same kind for so many years , but now he met, and it was still in this situation, and he didn't know if it was an enemy or a friend.

"Yes, hello Xue Lingqiao, I'm Yunzhen, the cloud of Yunduo, the perfect Zhen."


"Don't look at me with such eyes, please, we are old acquaintances, please."


"You were lying in the museum at the time... Oh, I am not very educated, I don't like to go to museums, I went with my girlfriend at the time, an American woman, her father was a collector. I knew it when I saw it You were framed, how could our identities be revealed casually, why are you so careless?" Yun Zhen said like beans pouring out of a bamboo tube, "I went to the prison to find a death row prisoner and prepared to use his blood to save you, but I didn't expect you I was loaned out, so I went to China and made that car accident, isn’t it perfect? ​​I’m such a genius, to think of such a way to hide from the world.”

"You killed two people, and almost killed Tian Jingzhi."

Yun Zhen shrugged and didn't care: "Actually, if they run at the speed stipulated by the road, they will be slightly injured at most and will not die. Who told them to speed... there are always exceptions to everything, you don't have to thank me too much Just a little worship." Yun Zhen looked around, very novel and satisfied: "My future girlfriend's house is pretty nice, very cozy."

Originally, the two of them were at war with each other, but seeing his unreliable appearance, Xue Lingqiao couldn't feel any hostility at all, and he was a person who said everything without hiding anything.

He put away his baseball bat and had a lot to ask him.

Yun Zhen asked, "Is there any juice? I'm hungry."

"Yes. There are squeezed ones in the refrigerator."

Yun Zhen immediately jumped easily, fell down from the spiral staircase, went to the refrigerator to pour the juice herself, and did not regard herself as an outsider at all. Angela's Library