Chapter: 291

"Why did you want to save me then?"

"Because I haven't met the same kind for a long time, especially such a stupid one who was drained of blood." Yun Zhen smacked his lips and wrinkled his face, "It's so sour, you put a lot of lemons in it, I don't like lemons."

"We have others of the same kind?"

"Yes, there was an alliance before, but it disintegrated later. Fortunately, I didn't join it at the time."

"Why don't you join, isn't it good to have the same kind?"

"No, I just want to eat, drink, have fun, and be friends with many beautiful women. I don't want to turn human society into a private slaughterhouse like them."

"What do you mean?" Xue Lingqiao frowned. He understood that there are similar people, but they don't live like them.

Yun Zhen rolled her eyes and refused to say: "Don't ask, it's all in the past." He pointed to Tian Jingzhi on the sofa, and asked impatiently: "Did you really break up with her? If you break up, I'm going to chase her."

Xue Lingqiao nodded, "She is my ex-girlfriend, if she agrees, I have no objection."

From that day on, Yun Zhen went to Tian Jingzhi's house to hang around when he had nothing to do, and he didn't see anyone at other times, looking for fun everywhere.

No matter how old Yun Zhen has lived, she has never experienced any hardships, and she has no heart and lungs to think about it. She indulges in fun every day, and she is simply a child who has not grown up. Tian Jingzhi met him a few times, but he liked his personality very much, except when he lay on the window and stuck out his tongue pretending to be a ghost to scare her.

But Tian Jingzhi has one thing that is very sad. Originally, when Xue Lingqiao came back, she was crazy with joy, thinking that there was a possibility of reunion. Now she understands that Xue Lingqiao only came back because she was pregnant, and he was only here to take charge.

She, a woman in the 21st century, is not a daughter-in-law with bound feet. They have broken up, so why should he be responsible.

She squatted in front of a rose flower that was blooming in the yard, picking petals one by one: "Grow...not grow...grow...not grow..." She tore off the last petal in a daze, "no grow ..." She held the petals and looked at them for a long time, then she suddenly lost her temper with the flowers, "Why don't they grow, please tell me clearly."

Naturally, Hua couldn't speak, let alone her head was pulled bald.

Tian Jingzhi was so entangled, thinking that he would raise the child alone and be a single mother in the future, and felt that his whole life was dark.

"Are you scared?"

Tian Jingzhi turned around and found that Yun Zhen was squatting behind her, like a monkey.

"What are you afraid of?" Tian Jingzhi said, "Why didn't you knock on the door when you came to someone else's house?"

Yun Zhen said "Oh" with a really troubled expression on her face, she really ran to the door and knocked again.

Tian Jingzhi said with a smile on his face: "Hazy needle, long time no see, why are you here?"


"You have to be good at acting, I'm an actor." Tian Jingzhi sat down, looking as serious as Xue Lingqiao, waving at him like a puppy, "Sickness, come and sit, what did you just say?" afraid of what?"

Yun Zhen felt that she was more crazy than herself, so she walked in, sat next to her and said, "You are afraid of having a baby. I heard women screaming for giving birth outside the delivery room of the hospital."

"I'm not afraid of having children." Angela's Library