Chapter: 296

But Zhou Mo is right, Feng Dongdong is now so poor that he bowed down for five buckets of rice and hurried to go.

Tian Jingzhi was really a very small person at that time. He took ten people to pick him up at the airport. Only two of these ten people were real fans, and the rest were hired by Zhou Mo. They held up photos and signs, and as soon as Tian Jingzhi came out, they started calling her name in unison. Fans who were in charge of fainting lay down on the ground and fainted, fans who were in charge of crying began to cry bitterly, and fans who were in charge of vocals began to shout slogans.

Tian Jingzhi had never seen such a scene before, and was frightened for a while. She didn't know where to put her hands and feet, and she smirked with a stiff face, and was rolled countless .

There are other people who don't know the truth, although they don't know who they are, they still take out their mobile phones to take pictures of the female star, and the momentum is like an international superstar.

That was the first time Feng Dongdong saw Tian Jingzhi. He was quite fresh and lovely, but nothing special. But for the two hundred yuan, he shouted harder than anyone else.

On the news of an entertainment website the next day

As the "behind the scenes", Zhou Mo patted Feng Dongdong on the shoulder, pointed to a photo on the forum with great relief and said, "Xiao Feng, I really saw the right person." Feng Dongdong's mouth in the photo Zhang is huge, and there are blue veins on his forehead and neck, which shows how hard he worked. Holding the two hundred dollars in his hands, Feng Dongdong sighed in his heart, money is really hard to earn.

The second job that Zhou Mo gave him was to "swear on the streets" on the forum. As soon as someone said something bad about Tian Jingzhi, he would directly scold him back . However, there are also those whose mouths are dirtier than a sewer. Feng Dongdong was stunned and went straight to human flesh, and put a Trojan horse in that person's computer.

The third job is to be a volunteer at the game exhibition that Tian Jingzhi attended, and shouting under Tian Jingzhi's booth, doing enough face for the goddess.

Feng Dongdong also gradually accepted his role as a foreman, and took people to attend Tian Jingzhi's activities every day.

Every time Tian Jingzhi has an event, she can see Feng Dongdong. She knows that she is very excited to have a fan meeting, and she puts on the cutest smile and asks him: "Are you the president of my fan club 'Weekend Light Rain Turns to Cloudy'? "

Feng Dongdong said: "No, I am the vice president, and my name is Feng Dongdong."

"Hello, Dong Dong, I hope we can become good friends in the future."

Tian Jingzhi shook hands with him weakly, and gave away several cute smiles as if they were on a clearance sale, before leaving.

After returning home, Zhou Mo held Feng Dongdong's hand and kissed it several times. For the sake of a kiss of 20 yuan, he endured his nausea and asked the big boss to kiss him for 200 yuan.

He has been doing this job for more than half a year. The TV series that Tian Jingzhi received before was broadcast, and she played the female lead with a very vicious mouth. Film appointments for the second female lead came in one after another. The only thing these female numbers have in common is: hate. Tian Jingzhi didn't pick and choose, and took all the ones he could. Watching her acting, Feng Shuangdong would kneel down for her every minute. How could someone play a bad woman with a facial makeup into a stupid woman with facial nerve paralysis? She lived up to expectations and stood out in the audition for the Golden Raspberry Awards at the end of the year, becoming a floret in the film and television industry whose acting skills depend entirely on staring.

It didn't take long for Tian Jingzhi to become a regular guest on the makeup show "More than beauty". If Tian Jingzhi hadn't joined that show, Feng Dongdong would have forgotten that he has a twin brother, Feng Renu, who is on this show the host.

Feng Rere called and asked, "Are you Tian Jingzhi's fan?"


"Professional chasing stars?"

"Yes." Feng Dongdong sighed, "If I don't chase stars, what should I eat?"

As the host, Feng Rere didn't understand why chasing stars can make money, he only thought that he was lazy, "You really don't want to go home and take care of the canteen?"

"I won't go back, I don't like to open a canteen."

Feng Rere thought for a long time on the phone, and said, "Don't you like Tian Jingzhi? You know that ?"

"Yes, I listen to it every day." After listening to it, I want to record it and file it for Mr. Zhou Mo. Angela's Library