Chapter: 297

"I know their director, you can go and be the director."

"Is there much money?"

"Two thousand for the trial period."

"I go!"

"Why are you scolding people?"


Zhou Mo knew that Feng Dongdong went to the radio station to be a director, and after seeing Tian Jingzhi every day, his attitude towards him was different. He used to be Uncle Zhou, Master Zhou, and now he has quickly adjusted his status to "a good brother who has known each other for more than ten years". Feng Dongdong raised his eyebrows and felt that he had made a very wise decision.

Besides, Tian Jingzhi has a good personality except for his poor acting skills. Every time he meets fans, he is very gentle and sweet , which is not annoying at all.

A star chasing foreman like him shouts "Lotus Girl is a real goddess" ten times a day. There are no goddesses in the world, so it’s okay to brainwash yourself, and you will become a goddess after washing.

And Feng Dongdong also respects this goddess very much, and prepares lemon and honey water every day, and the female director of another related household will roll her eyes behind her back and scold him every day, fawning on ghosts. But looking at the bright smile of his goddess after receiving the honey water, Feng Dongdong felt that it was okay to be scolded for fawning on ghosts.

Knowing that one day the toilet in the women's bathroom was blocked, Feng Dongdong was driven to the shelf to fix it, and heard her goddess closed the door at the sink outside and called.

"Xiaoyan! I don't care, you check their household registration for me! Why are you scolding me? Didn't I just mispronounce an idiom on the show? They only take 100 points in Chinese every day?... I don't care! Human flesh! They sent a ticket! You are a policeman and you don’t care, then you can find someone who can take care of me, it’s too shameful..."

Feng Dongdong hugged the toilet brush, the blow was too great, and he was stunned.

Goddess Tian hung up the phone after getting angry, and within half a minute the phone rang again, and the sweet voice of Goddess' signature sounded outside: "Brother Hot..."

Why do you call him brother? Is he several years younger than you? !

"Yes, Dongdong is very good to me. He makes honey and lemonade for me every day... Don't worry, I will take good care of him..."

Feng Dongdong sighed again. Miss Tian is actually very good, but she was too angry for a while.

Tian Jingzhi hung up the phone and sneered sinisterly: "Tiantian honey lemonade, I hate lemons the most, this bastard, look at me for not taking good care of him!"

Feng Dongdong was frightened, and the toilet brush in his hand fell off with a "snap".

Tian Jingzhi was taken aback: "Who?"

Feng Dongdong covered his mouth and was thinking about what to do when he suddenly heard the silence outside . Feng Dongdong heaved a sigh of relief and was mending his wounded heart when he heard a faint sigh from above his head: "You heard everything!" ah……"

When Feng Dongdong raised his head, Tian Jingzhi was lying on the cubicle, looking at him with resentment.

The line of the next sentence should be "Then I can't or let you go out of here", the women's bathroom, the right time, the right place, and the perfect place to kill.

"I will never say it!" Feng Dongdong trembled inexplicably, as if seeing the inconspicuous little girl hidden in the game, who was actually the ultimate behind-the-scenes big boss, "I swear! I swear!"

Tian Jingzhi lay there and looked at him in frustration for a long time, not knowing what he was thinking. Angela's Library