Chapter: 298

She sighed, looking bored: "Forget it, I'm tired of pretending to be cute in front of you all day, and I can finally unload the burden of being an idol. You can say whatever you want online, I don't care."

"Ah? That's it?" Feng Dongdong thought, will you stop threatening me?

Tian Jingzhi rolled his eyes at 360 degrees without any dead ends, and sneered: "There are so many people who scold me, and you are not too many."

After finishing speaking, Tian Jingzhi turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Feng Dongdong was in a complicated mood. When he got home, he saw Zhou Mo packing his luggage.

"What are you doing?"

Zhou Mo sat on the sofa and said solemnly: "I want to travel around China by bicycle."

He is a pampered young master who travels when he travels, riding a bicycle around China. Feng Dongdong touched his forehead, thinking, isn't he sick?

"Don't you hate going out the most?"

Zhou Mo said solemnly : "Tian Jingzhi's Weibo today said that no matter how long the injured person stays at home, they always have to go out. Anyway, after the darkness passes, the sky will be bright... I think this is talking about me, I want Getting out of elementary school, I was just running away, I had to get out."


"I have paid the rent for two years, remember to protect Miss Tian for me."


Zhou Mo left after finishing speaking, leaving Feng Shuangdong alone in the wind at home.

He suffered from insomnia at night, thinking a lot.

The next day Feng Dongdong went to work early and cleaned the rest room clean.

As soon as Tian Jingzhi entered, he saw several drinks on the table: coffee, passion fruit tea, milk tea, watermelon juice, and cola.

"Why, want to kill me with medicine?"

"Miss Tian doesn't like lemons, so there's always something you like here, right?"

Tian Jingzhi stared at him strangely for a long time, and said slowly: "I still prefer to drink hand-brewed coffee."

"Then I'll buy you a hand punch tomorrow."

"Oh." Tian Jingzhi sat for a long time, and suddenly asked, "Aren't you posting negative news about me?"

No one is perfect, it doesn't matter how he started, but he used money to pursue stars, just like Tian Jingzhi is not so sweet and cute. But it's easy to say you like it, and it's also easy to say you hate it, because if you hate someone in one word, you don't really like it, so you are unfeeling.

Feng Dongdong looked into her eyes and said sincerely: "Miss Tian, ​​I swear, I will always be your fan."

Tian Jingzhi didn't say anything, but he was obviously taken aback, looking down at his phone a little bit at a loss.

Ms. Tian, ​​who pretended to be cool, went home yesterday because there was an extra opponent. She cried sadly for half an hour and posted a Weibo: No matter how long the injured person stays at home, they always have to go out. It will be bright. She was comforting herself, but she also comforted others.

And the story behind this incident, Feng Dongdong and Zhou Mo will never know. Angela's Library