Chapter: 984

He heard more bubbles bursting on the surface as exp notifications suddenly appeared.

[1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp]

[Your skeleton has been slain.]

Jay took a few steps back from the edge of the water.

"Dammit." He thought, frowning. "A swarm of tiny creatures must've feasted on its bones."

Jay re-summoned Archers, hastily made it some daggers, and commanded Blue to send two of its sub-constructs in with it.

"If they can't get past a few swamp creatures, I'll need to send some bigger skeletons in." Jay thought, watching the three of them enter the murky waters again.

More bubbles rose as they moved under the water, and soon enough, the notifications began again.

[1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp]

[A skeleton has been slain]

Larger bubbles burst to the surface, causing splashes. Jay could only hope that the woman didn't see it or get suspicious.

[1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp]

[Your skeleton has been slain]

[1 Exp] [1 Exp]

[A skeleton has been slain]

Jay was getting annoyed as he watched larger bubbles bursting on the surface, making a louder commotion, but he noticed something interesting about the notifications.

"A skeleton… 'my' skeleton has been slain?" Jay raised a brow, seeing that the death notifications were slightly different.

"Well, it's good there's a distinction between the sub skeletons dying and my own." He nodded, a little less annoyed.

It was time to send in some larger skeletons. The smaller ones only had about ten health, while the ones like Sweeper and Lamp had fifty-five, with a bonus twenty health from their spectral armor.

(Sweeper, you can lead the way.) Jay ordered, summoning Archers back again.

He also released some extra bones so Blue could summon its two dead skeletons back.

Usually Jay would be low mana by now, but Archers was a level one skeleton, and only needed five mana to summon. It also needed about half as much bone mass as other skeletons, but with the hundreds of thousands of leftover Helvetian skeletons in Jay's gauntlet, it was negligible.

Sweeper slowly trudged into the water, readying its weapon as the three smaller skeletons followed it.

Since it was heavier, it set free many more of the trapped swamp bubbles, but because the skeletons had already passed this way, it wasn't too loud.

Since Sweeper was taller, it was the last to disappear, and sank lower into the abyss. Angela's Library