Chapter: 985

"I suppose I should look for other ways to cross." Jay thought, glancing around. Even before Sweeper entered battle, he was thinking of axe designs to hack down a dead tree, which he would use to float a skeleton across.

It would annoy him to send a few skeletons far enough away so that he wouldn't be able to hear the chopping noises of the axes.

Suddenly, the water started splashing again.

Much larger bubbles rose to the surface as Sweeper and the three skeletons engaged whatever was down there.

[1 Exp] [1 Exp] [1 Exp]… [1 Exp] x21

[A skeleton has died]

[1 Exp] x 18

"They seem to be doing better this time." Jay thought.

Still, he was preparing himself to craft a bone axe.

Over the next few minutes, bubbles continued to rise to the surface as many exp notifications came in.

Yet the water settled down.

The exp notifications slowed to a stop until there was one final large one.

[30 Exp]

"Hmm, wonder what that was." Jay scratched his chin.

Unfortunately, nothing floated to the surface other than bubbles, which also stopped.

(Sweeper, escort Archers to the other side and then come back. Blue, bring your sub skeleton back. I want to inspect it.)

Blue nodded, and the sub-skeleton returned.

While it came back, Jay made sure that Sweeper and Archers continued to crawl to the island, and to move slower the closer they got to it, as to not alarm the woman with rising swamp bubbles.

In a few moments, the black water rippled and the skeleton's skull rose out, stained a few shades darker because of the vile waters.

Yet as it got closer, it wasn't the only thing that was exiting the swamp, as some things clung to its bones, too. The leftovers of the underwater battle.

Jay finally saw what the skeletons were fighting under water. Or at least, the remains of them.

The skeleton had chunks and chips of bone missing.

Much of its rib cage had been eaten, and some of its harassers were still clinging to its body.

Short, yellow curved beaks, shaped like parrot beaks, had dug into the bones and stuck there while trying to chip off whatever they could. Their bodies were long, black and slimy like eels. They were skinny though, about as slender as an arrow shaft while their beak-heads were about the size of a sword pommel.

All of their bodies had been severed by the bone weapons, so it was hard to tell how long these creatures grew to, but it wouldn't matter if there were hundreds of them, and about fifteen of their corpses clung to the skeletons body. Angela's Library